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  1. Thank you! Now I understand. I noticed from a test video that I have just taken with D5600 connected to PC using a USB cable that there are many repeated consecutive frames. On average, there is a new frame every 2.5 frames. I could basically math the actual, effective frame rate to be around 36 fps. I am sure this is due to the USB cable. Is this frame rate too low to image planets?
  2. Hi QUESTION 1 I tried the planetary video with my Nikon D5600. I got a frame rate of about 94 FPS. Does this mean the 60 FPS from the camera's own setting options is only theoretical, and that the actual rate can be high as 94 when the frame resolution is reduced to LV size? QUESTION 2 The same system as above. I can adjust the ISO when filming in the planetary mode, but seems that the "shutter" setting does not work the way you want it to. The BYN wants to achieve high framrate regardless of your shutter setting. Is this the case? Thanks
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