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  1. The trial version worked fine with my 90D but I cannot get it to work correctly after purchasing the Premium Edition (V 3.1.18) Camera connects and everything seems to work fine until I start the imaging session. The shutter releases and the countdown timer starts but when it gets to the end of the first exposure it just says BUSY and eventually times out. It will not let me abort either. I have to shut down the software and restart only to get the same result. I have turned off all additional features on my camera just as before. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the guidance. Everything worked just fine after I implemented your suggestions. Not sure where the hiccup was but it is connecting and operating as it should even with the USB extension cable. Many thanks
  3. Hi there, I am utilizing the free trial (V 3.1.18) and can only achieve 30 second exposures with my Canon 90D even when the bulb setting is for a longer length of time. I have attempted multiple cables (no USB hub) and switched from M to Bulb on the rotary dial of the camera with no change. Is it because I am only using the "Trial" version? The countdown timer continues to count but I hear the shutter release after 30 seconds regardless. BTW, I am using the most current Canon firmware and the current BYEOS version. In addition to this concern, It takes many attempts to get my camera to connect (not sure if this is related). Many thanks,
  4. Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same issue.
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