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  1. I can confirm that Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 G lens is also fully controlled via Camera Control Pro. Just so you know.
  2. I fully understand the difficulties involved without proper support from the camera manufacturers. I'm not very experienced with BYN but BYE does a great job and it was my main capture tool for many years until I switched to CCD imaging. Maybe there are some other members who already discovered this trick for focusing the lens. Thanks to this method, not accessing the lens focus controls via BYN is not a show stopper for me. Yes, it's an extra step but not that much... Thank you for the great software and your excellent support as always. Clear skies
  3. I stand corrected. It appears Nikon's Camera Control Pro is able to control every aspect of this lens except for the zoom function.. In live view mode you can focus the lens by selecting AF-S mode then you switch back to MF and proceed with the captuure via BYN. This way lens remains focused and AF is not activated during shooting. During all this, the switch on the lens remains at M/A position.This is a real game changer for me.
  4. I can confirm that Nikkor 10-24mm lens is not letting me have focus control via BYN at any setting. Ascom control via my belt drive seems to be the safest option.
  5. in 2015 I put together a lens focusing system for my Moravian 16200 and Atik 460EX cameras. If my Nikkor lense trials fail I will revert to that system. Here are some photos of the system.
  6. It is this lens. A friend of mine is able to operate his 24-105L f/4 lens in MF mode. So, I understand this is a hit or miss... or maybe Canon updated their SDK to allow this, I don't know. Today I will receive a friends 10-24mm Nikkor lens. I will give it a try anf share the result here. Clear skies
  7. Thank you Rick. I see your point and appreciate your tip regarding the 16mm Rokinon lens. I can consider that lens as well. However, I remember my 35mm Rokinon, despite having the infinity mark like yours, requiring several focus adjustments through the night. Not having to deal with focusing the lens is great but I hate bloated stars. Clear skies Sedat
  8. Sorry for asking it again. I tried to find the duscussions but somehow they didn't come up in my searches. I guess I'm lucky to be able to control a Canon 100mm f/2 lens on a EOS 70D at MF setting. It works perfectly. This is what gave me courage to ask the question. Maybe there is a similar lucky combination on the Nikon side too ? Were you able to get good results with your monofied D5100 ? Cheers
  9. I have a monofied D5100 camera but no lenses for it yet. I want to dedicate it to widefield Ha imaging. The crucial thing is I must be able to focus the lens via BYN as I will be imaging remotely. Could any of you confirm that this lense can be focused via Camera Lens Drive without any problems ? Thanks and clear skies Sedat
  10. That last update nailed it. Thanks for your super fast assistance. Clear skies.
  11. yep that worked just fine.. it must be a machine specific issue...
  12. I'm installing it on another computer now.. let's see what happens.
  13. the Appdata folder is visible but the file is not there.. here is a screen shot
  14. Hi Astroman, This is W7 machine, What I mean is I enter the requested info and then licence entry window turns to a blank form again.
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