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  1. That was it, thank you! This camera is new to me so many new features etc. Its funny how your mind works on things during the night. I woke up and immediately started thinking that I had to turn off the wifi for the usb port to work. Thank you for your help and confirming the diagnosis!
  2. Hello, Failure connecting to Canon T6s BYE version: 3.1.18 Premium edition Dell laptop/Windows 10 64 Bit When I press "connect" a window comes up that says . . . Select your camera driver. I select the top choice for DIGIC 3/4/5/6//7/8. Then the "Connection Problems?" windows comes up. Logs: 20:56:09 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 Premium Edition20:57:41 Attempting to connect camera...20:57:41 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.20:57:41 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON On the laptop, I CAN disconnect the cable from the T6S and connect it to my Canon 5D Mark II and it connects without a problem. I CAN also connect BYE to the 5DMII from my PC as well. But not to the T6s. I just read some other tickets and one asked if Windows can see the camera, it does not. But as I said the same cable connects to the 5DII. Is there a menu item that I am missing that would stop windows from seeing the T6s? ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you. By the way this is an awesome application!
  3. I had the same issue with my Canon 5D Mark II yesterday. I could connect and operate the camera and take shots. But it would only write to the camera card and not my windows 10 laptop. I uninstalled and then ran a windows cleaner, including the register (I used CCleaner) and rebooted. When I re-installed I noticed a message from my virus software (Bit Defender) that BYE was trying to modify a protected folder. I clicked on "details" and it allowed me to enable BYE to modify the folder. This fixed my issue! I hope this helps.
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