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  1. Sorry, just edited my previous empty response with the log files. My apologies!
  2. logfile-[20200415-17h16m28s317]-[10036]-2020-04-15.txt
  3. Hello there! Using a trial version. Tried connecting my Canon 1500D. The software does not seem to connect. Is there support available for 1500D? (I also have a 1000D/ Rebel XS and i'm able to connect it ) Thanks in advance. Regards, Sreegururaj
  4. Many thanks. Shall try it and post the results. Thanks!
  5. Unable to use the frame and focuslogfile-[20200323-21h36m33s682]-[1656]-2020-03-23.txt function. Application hangs. Throws an error - [Liveview image push 281] INFO - Parameter is not valid. USing a Canon 1000D ver 3.1.18 trial
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