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  1. That one time I got 50fps I had the same applications running as when I get 30fps. I'm even using a USB 3.0 cable from the camera to a powered USB 3.0 Hub which then goes to an active USB 3.0 cable to my Surface which only has one USB 3.0 port.
  2. Ok thanks@adminfor clearing that up for me. I thought that they were less quality because looking at the jpg frames, they were blurrier than some of the frames in the avi file. A JPG is a compressed image afterall, but I didnt know that BYE takes x jpg frames and compiles them into an uncompressed avi. @astroman133 Are you using a de-rotater that you mentioned? All of my planetary images are blurry, even after making sure focus is on point. I use Jupiter's moons to coarse focus, then fine tune once the shutter speed is up and I can see Jupiter's details. I read that 60sec and below is good for Jupiter, 45sec preferable. I have to find the site that had a chart showing the optimal video length for each planet based on period of rotation. My videos are 1min 14sec long. The first video will capture at 30fps, then while that is compiling, the second video will capture at 15fps. Are lower framerates better?
  3. I don't think it is the page file. I was watching my RAM usage while capturing, it never exceeded 5GB, total system RAM is 8GB with like 7.8GB available to Windows. Then again this not a workstation I am using, just a Windows tablet so yeah I may be pushing it too much. I remember one session where the sampled framerate was 50fps! Never again though, its been sampling at 30fps. I don't know how that happened but need to find out. Time is critical in the morning when the sun is chasing the planets, so getting as many frames as possible in the shortest time is key. I can do JPG captures no problem. I noticed that they got saved to the BackyardTEMP folder not the standard PLANETARY folder in BackyardEOS, but I moved them before closing BYE fearing they'd get deleted. Can I get the same quality level from using jpg vs avi? I would think not unless there's a way to do it without much loss.
  4. I am using Backyard EOS 3.1.18. When capturing 2500 frames into an AVI it will sample the fps, begin the capture, then when 2500 frames are captured, in that same area where it showed the fps and frames captured, it shows the word "memory" with a number counting down from about 900. When all works properly, when the counter reaches 0 I see the queue in the camera panel blinking "1". Then eventually I hear the tone indicating that the capture is complete. I check to see if the AVI was created and it was. When it does not work, the memory counter never reaches zero, will stop anywhere from 200-500, then nothing happens. No tone, no queue indicator, no AVI file. This started happening in version 3.1.18 for me. I am using a Canon EOS Ra in "M" mode. Also no errors were shown in the log. Note that this has happened only when I try to capture more than 2000 frames. I am using a Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10 8GB RAM. The RAM usage never goes above 4 or 5GB while capturing AVI's through BYE.
  5. Ah ok. I use a Surface Pro 6 for AP which is great especially for mobility. So the consensus is that it is better to use an AVI file instead of jpgs?
  6. If I choose to capture 2000 frames into an AVI file I see that BYE will sample the fps, on my Surface it goes up to about 53fps, then begins to capture the frames. When the capture completes, I notice that the number "1" blinks in the Camera queue. If I try to take another image, the framerate drops to 19-20fps. I guess this is because the USB bandwidth is saturated while downloading the previous file. Are the AVI files being saved to the camera first then downloaded by BYE? Is there a way to capture the frames/file directly to disk?
  7. I've run into the same issue where a set focus position changes night to night but yes it's a great starting point.
  8. If only BYE could autofocus with standard motor focusers via ASCOM. I've never seen ASCOM control Canon cameras though. SGP is twice the price of BYE premium but does offer way more. Now what I do is calibrate my motor focuser and get the best focus I can and record the position number. This way I can switch imaging trains from my standard for DSO and stars to my planetary image train that uses a Barlow.
  9. Exposure Simulation was set to "During". Changed to "Enable" and now the shutter and ISO settings affect live view! Thank you!
  10. I didn't try manually going into Tv mode on the camera. Max sensitivity was disabled. I usually go from frame and focus (from all night DSO imaging) to planetary just before the sun comes up. I'll try setting Tv mode and see if it helps. I did see the expsim appear in EOS Utility but never gave it thought.
  11. I use a Canon EOS Ra and while in planetary imaging mode the planets are over-exposed. Changing the shutter speed and/or ISO speed have no affect. If I change the shutter speed to 1/20 while already at 5x zoom, the zoom resets back to full or native frame, still over-exposed. Recording an avi+jpg combo at a set shutter speed of 1/20 the planet is still over exposed. I even tried to disable max sensitivity in settings to no avail. Please advise.
  12. Don't know the version number off the top. It is the latest version (trial). I am using the unified Celestron driver. When I press those jog buttons, tracking stops. Even the status that usually says tracking changes to stationary after I press the jog buttons. As far as the Focuser is concerned, I had an idea I've yet to try. I am going to connect it via USB to my Surface and not connect the ST4 cable to the mount. I think that when CPWI connects through the hand controller it also steals the I/O path to the Focuser. I will test when I get a chance and report back.
  13. When BYE is connected to CPWI via ASCOM and I have selected an object to track in CPWI, if I press any of the slew arrows in BYE, tracking stops. Is this normal? I'd like to use the slew functions in BYE instead of always having the CPWI slew window open. I also noticed that while that slew window is open, if my celestron focuser is connected via USB in BYE and I press any of the focus controls, either BYE will freeze, or I get an error message that allows me to continue, but CPWI stops responding.
  14. my mistake. i wasn't in imaging mode. i was in frame/focus mode.
  15. I installed the trial version to test it out and captured a few images. does the trial not save images? I checked in the save directory under \Pictures\BackyardEOS but there was only a sample photo and a folder called Plans.
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