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  1. I have seen several online converters and tried the freeware downloads that don't always work right. Sometimes, because they're free, wont do multiple files at a time, or only do five at a time. The weird thing is, and this is probably the jpeg mode set by the camera (will have to investigate this camera-side), I recently used a set of 2000 jpeg frames in PIPP in Join Mode and it worked fine but in the past it didn't. So I am thinking it could be the S compression mode in the camera that encoded them in a way that may or may not work in PIPP. If anything I rather just capture the individual frames and compile them later. Will save a bunch of time during my imaging session.
  2. So I understand this correctly, if I put the executables in the BackyardTEMP folder, BYE will automatically use virtualdub to encode the avi files? Also, will it take lest time to encode?
  3. I haven't tried that but if I set pegasus to degF and BYE to degF, BYE displays double the original temperature. For example if pegasus is reading the ambient temp as 54F, BYE will read that as 108F, but when I set BYE back to degC it will display close to what pegasus is reading. It's hard to explain I'll upload some screenshots and I will also try your suggestion.
  4. I appreciate the suggestion, I wasn't trying to come off with a sense of urgency, it would be cool to do most of the control within one app. So right now, I have CPWI, PHD2, BYE, and Astrotortilla running, although AT is only used when needed. I will take a look at device hub. Does device hub have focus position presets? Now that would be amazing. Cpu usage is my concern, not so much RAM usage. Also when I'm out in the field running on battery, the less load I put on the PC the better.
  5. I tried this but it didnt work (ver 3.1). I want to reiterate that the actual F temperature was displayed but with a C after it. Changing to F in BYE settings will display the C number with an F after it.
  6. While this Device Hub application does sound neat, it does not solve my issue. I image using a Microsoft Surface with 8GB RAM and a 4-core HT CPU. I try to keep minimal applications running while I image, especially when I'm imaging planets. All I am asking the devs is for the ability to put the mouse cursor over the displayed position number on the focuser tab, click into it, type in a position number, and press enter for it to go to the desired position. I don't want to have to run more or have to switch between more apps. To add to that, maybe focuser position preset buttons. Now that would be awesome. I could start doing DSO's then when I want to planetary, I could hit the Planetary focuser position preset and begin changing the image train while the focuser changes position.
  7. Not yet. I procrastinated on reporting the bug until tonight. I'm currently imaging so I will install it later.
  8. As the title suggests, the program is reporting the right temp but the wrong notation(?). Can get a little confusing. The camera temp is shown in Celsius for example 38c.
  9. Yes ^^ Just like the Celestron Focuser Control Panel.
  10. Using Backyard EOS, I have to move the focuser position using the arrow buttons, +/- 500,100,10, and 1. It would be nice to be able to enter a position number since I have all them saved for different image trains. As of now I go into CPWI and enter the position which can be cumbersome when I have the find target window open which covers most of the screen, and also the side panel submenus.
  11. Framerate only drops while BYE is processing the AVI in the background. I didn't know autostakkert and Registax could process individual jpegs. If the canon SDK can only output jpeg then that's understandable. I would like to keep using the canon since it was a pricey purchase and don't want to spend more money on another camera.
  12. No, PNG files from a different session. I guess I could convert the jpegs to PNGs. I'm not sure the exact version but fairly recent. I downloaded it back in May of this year. It would be nice if BYE could just capture uncompressed frames and then I could combine them later into an Avi instead of waiting for BYE to do it and putting a strain on my computer. I have to wait because if I start capturing while BYE is compiling the Avi, the framerate drops. It's my understanding that the jpeg format is inherently lossy.
  13. Currently BYE saves captured planetary frames as JPEGs. Can there be an option to save them as PNG files? For some reason PIPP won't combine jpeg files and says that 0 of x amount of frames were processed. PNG files however work fine. Would be nice to have that option.
  14. I've experienced this too. It happens randomly and to fix it I go to Imaging mode then back to planetary mode. Then the 5x zoom works again.
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