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  1. Right, probably windows update. This was fixed in 3.2.2 no?
  2. Found the issue. When I was experimenting with recording video directly to my SD Card I had cropping enabled. So I set the aspect ratio back to the 3:2 default using EOS Utility and voila 5x zoom works where the rectangle is placed.
  3. Version 3.2.0 was taking a very long time to load for me but it didn't before so this is confusing. I noticed that two processes are running during startup. Startform keeps hanging. Then eventually the app starts.
  4. And a side note that may or may not be related, but another reason why I had to leave version 3.2.0 was the fact that it was taking much longer to start the application than before. The splash screen would say "loading..." and nothing would happen for about 30-45sec. This is on my Dell Optiplex 7020 and Surface Pro 6, both have solid state storage. The more I think about all these symptoms the more it points to Windows updates.
  5. Was version 3.2.2 developed with the latest version of Canon's drivers and software?
  6. I made sure to lock the rectangle. Again, I have done a lot of planetary work using BYE so I'm familiar with that function.
  7. Canon EOS Ra. I tried to restart the camera restarting application nothing seems to work. It hasn't always been like this as I have done plenty of planetary imaging using BYE previously. The only difference here now I guess is the fact that I built a new PC for astrophotography and I downloaded the latest drivers and EOS utility from Canon's website. I remember there were some issues with permissions with the newer versions of BYE so I installed version 3.2.0. as I do mostly deep sky imaging I never bothered to look at the planetary tab until recently. That's when I noticed th
  8. As the title states. I am on version 3.2.2. Right now I'm out side, have saturn in the center of live view, rectangle is placed accordingly on saturn, when I press 5x to zoom screen is black as if the zoom is happening elsewhere on the view. What am i missing? forgot to mention when i use eos utility live view zooming works correctly with the zoom rectangle. this always worked before in previous versions but i had to upgrade because the 5x zoom button was missing. i dont know what happened.
  9. This is probably not going to happen because of the extra layer of code that has to be added to support either OpenGL, DirectX, or CUDA but I'm not a coder so. Would be nice to see some help from the GPU during Planetary Mode capture. When I zoom to 5x my framerate gets cut from 55fps to 35fps, then 15fps when going to 10x zoom. Is it possible to use the GPU to accelerate the live view? Or is this a limitation of the SDK? I've seen the live view on the camera's LCD even at 30x and the framerate is smooth, not choppy like Live View. So yeah, that is my request/suggestion. Thanks.
  10. That and it would take more time away from a session than just focusing manually. BYE isn't SGP. Other than scripting how many images to take at certain exposure lengths and ISOs, it's a manual program. I sometimes take snaps to analyze the stars after finding my minimum FWHM to make sure they're as small as I can get them.
  11. What is the technical aspect for integrating autofocus into BYE? I use an ASCOM focuser. It looks like BYE has everything it needs to perform autofocusing, except for another module/algorithm that would replace the user, analyzing FWHM and sending commands to the ASCOM focuser accordingly.
  12. Any updates on this bug? I tried the new 3.2.1 version and it still showed the Fahrenheit values as Celsius.
  13. setting pegasus to C has no effect on BYE's temp display.
  14. I have seen several online converters and tried the freeware downloads that don't always work right. Sometimes, because they're free, wont do multiple files at a time, or only do five at a time. The weird thing is, and this is probably the jpeg mode set by the camera (will have to investigate this camera-side), I recently used a set of 2000 jpeg frames in PIPP in Join Mode and it worked fine but in the past it didn't. So I am thinking it could be the S compression mode in the camera that encoded them in a way that may or may not work in PIPP. If anything I rather just capture the individua
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