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  1. Don't know the version number off the top. It is the latest version (trial). I am using the unified Celestron driver. When I press those jog buttons, tracking stops. Even the status that usually says tracking changes to stationary after I press the jog buttons. As far as the Focuser is concerned, I had an idea I've yet to try. I am going to connect it via USB to my Surface and not connect the ST4 cable to the mount. I think that when CPWI connects through the hand controller it also steals the I/O path to the Focuser. I will test when I get a chance and report back.
  2. When BYE is connected to CPWI via ASCOM and I have selected an object to track in CPWI, if I press any of the slew arrows in BYE, tracking stops. Is this normal? I'd like to use the slew functions in BYE instead of always having the CPWI slew window open. I also noticed that while that slew window is open, if my celestron focuser is connected via USB in BYE and I press any of the focus controls, either BYE will freeze, or I get an error message that allows me to continue, but CPWI stops responding.
  3. my mistake. i wasn't in imaging mode. i was in frame/focus mode.
  4. I installed the trial version to test it out and captured a few images. does the trial not save images? I checked in the save directory under \Pictures\BackyardEOS but there was only a sample photo and a folder called Plans.
  5. So premium BYE has the ability to not only allow the user to control the focus of the scope via ASCOM but can possibly do it automatically and thats what this thread is about. ok. i just wanted to make sure. That would be awesome to be able to do everything from one screen/application.
  6. Not sure if this was implemented yet and I just didn't see it in the BYE trial that I just used last night. I have the Celestron motorized focuser that can be controlled via CWPI and thus ASCOM. I see my scope in BYE and the slew controls but no focuser controls. Am I missing something or is it not working yet? Also since the program clearly reads focus through that FWHM readout, is there a way or plan to have BYE autofocus?
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