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  1. Hi Dave, I also use the Z50 and have the same problem. Did you get it working ? Regards, Tom
  2. Dear, I use the Nikon Z50 and imaging works fine but when I click frame & Focus the application doesn't give a live image. I can take a snap and see the image but the button Live view seems to do nothing. Tried these things: Reset Nikon Z50 setting to factory defaults Checked Nikon firmware (=latest) Reinstalled my laptop (windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit) Installed a new laptop with Windows 10 Enterprise but 32 bit version Always the same result which makes achieving focus very hard. Firmware Nikon: C 1.10 LF 1.00 BackyardNikon version 2.0.11 Premium Do you have any suggestions? Clear skies. Tom
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