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  1. I installed the Trial version and applied the license key for the trial version. Tried it out and liked it so I bought the premium version. I uninstalled the trial version, went to my purchased software and downloaded the Backyard Nikon 2.0 Premium version. When I open it up after downloading and installing, it does not ask me for a key, it shows the trial version key and it pulls up my trial version. How do I apply the key for my purchased version?
  2. Thank you Guylain! I hooked it up and did not see it in the device manager. Found another chord and it is now working.
  3. I have tried different USB ports, I have the camera set on M. I have the most current firmware. I am running an HP Envy using Windows 10. So not sure what is going on. Here is the log file: 23:38:02 Licensed to coolsailing 23:38:02 BackyardNIKON 2.0.11 Trial Edition 23:38:17 Attempting to connect camera... 23:38:18 Nikon/D5600 drivers initialized. 23:38:25 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON
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