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  1. Thank you so much for sorting out the licence issue. I will try again with BYE.
  2. Next step I uninstalled BYE and reinstalled the same. Still I get the same error. PS: No VM, simple clean Windows 10 64bit Pro PC. The error appears with no camera connected, as it checks the licence and immediately stops with the error above before getting near looking for a camera. Obviously the Internet is working as I'm on your support forum as I try BYE.
  3. Thank you 'Community' for a comprehensive response to my issue. I have my Camera tracking the stars 'outside' on my Backyard!!! However, here in Ireland its absolutely freezing outside, so I have my camera working on Wifi connected to my wireless router. I sit in my office, in a warm environment on my Windows 10 PC. This PC works perfectly with BYE on Wifi - I realise the speed issue over wifi. I have an ethernet over mains Wifi extender outside next to the camera, 5 feet away to get a reliable signal. BYE works reliably but I think my issue was that whilst testing, focus, image capture etc, I hit ABORT a number of times and it wouldn't stop so I terminated BYE (ie: Task Manager - end process) When I launch BYE 3.1 I get the following message: ------------------------------------ Licence fault error! (s:INACTIVE)- The key provided has expired, been deactivated or has not been activated yet. Please contact us. OK ------------------------------------- So my testing of BYE ( which I must say, based on my initial testing is a great piece of software) has stopped. Could someone sort the licence out of let me know how to continue the trial. Regards Paul Whitton
  4. Could you help with a registration issue please. I’ve been testing BYE with my Canon 5Ds and its wifi adapter with some success. I have however, been struggling as BYE has had trouble connecting to the Camera reliably. I’ve found the issue to be with me not realising that I need Canon’s EOS utility to be running ( but not connected ) on my PC. The EOS utility was disabled by me as I thought it shouldn’t be loaded at startup as I assumed BYE would take full control of the Camera. I now have the EOS utility in startup on Win 10 but set to ‘do not launch EOS utility automatically when the camera is connected’ This seems to have solved my issue. Having played around quite a while trying to find what the issue was I now find that when I launch BYE it says the licence is INVALID. PS: In my 30 years in the Computer industry I have never come across a TRIAL period with software having a licence key revoked !!! Perhaps your company is sensitive to licencing issues with your software. Please assist ( I am in the 30 day period of testing ) It seems strange that I couldn't email a support dept to ask about the licence issue. Having to resort to POSTING on a forum seems weird.
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