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  1. When spoke to the Celestron Software tech support some time ago, they informed me that their software (Celestron' s) had a problem with the way handle the drivers and they were working on a fix. I hope it clears the confusion of who is responsible for the bug. Cheers, Bill
  2. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    I used the 15M active usb cable from StarTech (part# USB2AAEXT15M) last night with success. I have a Celestron Nexstar SE 6" with a Celestron focuser motor and an old Canon Revel XS. All of them have a separate power supply. I also powered the usb hub and the cable repeater. I did not have any disconnects for 2 hour period. I am very new to the hobby and I can appreciate the advice from the administrator. I think it would be better to go with 2 7M cables so the signal gets amplified half way if you require the extended distance. I hope it helps. Bill
  3. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    Just to fallow up. I got the Startech cable 15 meters with the hub and works perfectly. Thanks to everyone!!
  4. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    Could you give me the part number of the hub. I am very new to the hobby and if I can remove one factor from the learning curve, will help me a lots. Thank you, Bill
  5. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    Great advice. Thanks!!
  6. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    Thanks for the advice. I was looking at this cable StarTech.com 10m USB 2.0 Active Extension. It's longer than what you advice, also I find hard to locate a cable with the repeater in the middle that can be plunged in for power. I will continue looking. Bill
  7. BillTin

    USB cable lenght?

    I would like to be able to bring the laptop inside the house while the capture plan is being run. I 've been looking at a USB active cable of 10 meters or 32.8 feet for this purpose. Anybody has any experience doing this. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  8. Problem solve. Thanks again for the super fast reply. Impressive!! I am actually going to buy the licence tonight. Bill
  9. I am getting a "licence fault error! (s:INACTIVE) - The key provided has expired, been deactivated, or has not been activated yet. Please contact us. When re-enter the key and identifier I get the same message, see pic. I disable my antivirus and firewall, no help. My key was activated last Thursday. Could you please help me out? Thank you, Bill
  10. Thank you for your help and I would like to mention that I am very impressed with BYE. My telescope set up is a beginners level the least to say. I found the BYE very well design and intuitive. I am looking forward for clear night to try it out. I am sure I will continue to use it once I am ready to upgrade my equipment. Bill
  11. I have successfully calibrated the focuser twice using the Celestron utility program. BYE does operate the focuser correctly if plug directly to the laptop via usb. The problem is when the focuser is plugged to celestron mount. I am confident that the problem lies with celestron software as I was told by celestron support.
  12. I restart the computer and the telescope. Power and connect the telescope to the computer. Open BYE, select the telescope settings and select the "celestron telescope driver" ( not the CPWI from the driver pulldown menu) Connected to the telescope successfully. Telescope info is populated immediately. open the focuser motor settings and select the "celestron focuser driver" (not the celestron focuser usb driver). The focuser info is populated immediately. Click the focus motor adjustment (any of the steps ). Error sound from the computer with the message. ( see the pic). FYI I tried connecting the focuser directly to the laptop with it own power been supplied and usb cable using the celestron focuser usb driver. Everything works correctly except that when slew the telescope E and W with BYE slews in the opposite direction than CPWI . I would like to perform an aliment and confirm this issue before getting too exited. Bill
  13. Done. No Change same message.
  14. Yes, if you look closely the com port pull down menu is grey out not available.
  15. First of all thank you for your time and effort. I just got off the phone with celestron and they are aware of the problem. I was explained that there is a conflict the way the drivers are handle by their software. There is going to be software update to correct this problem. To get around this problem in the mean time, celestron recommends to connect the focuser directly to the laptop using a usb cable and the celestron focuser motor usb driver. That would officially max out the usb ports in my laptop, no mouse.☹️ While I was waiting for the celestron call, somehow manage to get the BYE to load the focuser data but as soon I tried to focus the motor I got and error window. See the pic. Thanks to all, Bill
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