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  1. That fixed it !! Awesome support. Cheers
  2. Thanks. Sorry to be a noob, I assume this is "in the camera" not within the software ?
  3. Cheers. Just submitted. I am going to try on another laptop I have that has win 7 pro 64bit.
  4. Understood. c:/users/3dwel/Pictures/backyardeos/.. BackyardTEMP is in root of c:/users/3dwel/Pictures/ Like I said its creating the snap images
  5. Not 100% sure what you mean ?
  6. not on, nor windows defender etc. Its an open book....
  7. I did as you said. No luck. As I said, it is saving the snap jpg. I am running app as 3dwel (did try the old right click, run as admin...). Cheers
  8. Thanks. Will try. Funnily enough the snap jpg images are now saving to the folder, but not the RAW files.
  9. It is correctly set. I have tried other folders. Again I can read/write from any other application. I have reset camera. Still no luck. One odd thing, I was able to make a movie which saved to PLANETARY folder.
  10. Thanks for quick response. WIll try reset. I tried users backyard eos folder (the one setup from install), on desktop, on C:/(created a folder) and so on.
  11. Much appreciated, but I still can not write to the HD. I have changed every permission for every user and I am unable to save to the HD. Again, I can manually drag files in and out and save to the same folder form other applications (word, photoshop etc). EOS saves to the HD and camera with no issue. I am at a loss as to what I can do. Win 10 pro 10.0.17763 build If you want me to start a new thread, I would be happy to do so. Cheers Nigel
  12. Thanks for response. I have reset permissions (attrib command and changed root drive permissions). I think the license may have expired as Im getting an License Fault Error now. I re-downloaded and I think the ver is one rev up (x.x.18 no .17). I travel a lot, so I have only had the last week to play with it. Im a mac guy, but Im not dumb. Windows 10 is kicking my butt today. any help would be appreciated.
  13. I wanted to add-on to this. Im having the exact same issue. Running trial edition 3.1.17, win 10. I have done everything I can do but it will not save a file to the hard drive. Had it in users folder per setup, then desktop, then root c:/, nothing. Its my last day of the trial and I love the software but this has been a bit of a hair puller. Canon EOS utility saves without an issue. Help ? I want to buy the premier but would love to save atleast one file ?
  14. Spot on. I realized after I had posted that the USB port was being hogged. Got it working (now if I can only work out how to use it !!) Cheers Nigel
  15. Be gentle ! I am new to Astrophotography. I am struggling to connect my Canon t1i to backyardEOS (Win10 (64bit) laptop/ touchscreen). The Canon EOS utility connects without issue and I can see the live view. With Backyard, with camera plugged in, I see two options for drivers. Neither work. I did see the camera settings flash on the screen a few time but they quickly went away. What am I missing ? I want to buy the Premium version if this works...... Any suggestions ? Im a newb to this NOT to technology. Cheers Nigel
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