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  1. Works ! Awesome man, so if I can help in any way, test, logs what have you, let me know! But I took a quick snap as a test and it worked. Thanks man, and good luck going forward I like to support small businesses and programmers, ill be buying the full version in a few, once ive got the whole rig up and running and know its all in place later this week. I've for an Orion 10" on a Skywatcher EQ6-r Pro. So im hoping to be able to catch some great imagery
  2. sorry for the confusion, I can connect to the EOS utility app with WiFi Off, and it finally spit back the error above in the trial version of BYE when I tried to connect after that. But wont connect. I noticed that the t7, is supported in pre-release in the support matrix, and I'mm downloading the pre-release now that I have found it. Before i had just downloaded the trial version, and didn't see the t7 was supported in the pre-release only I'll let you know if it works. The 2000d is supposed to be a t7, but the camera and packaging is marked 2000d, not 1200d. I think its marketed in certain areas as 2000d or its maybe a slightly upgraded or a later version from the 1200d. I just bought what i thought was the cheapest cannon that was new that seemed to support what i would use it for, honesty.
  3. Hey, no worries, I was just noting that I had not found on the website where to grab the beta's or RC's from when it is available. Just let me know, I didn't expect instant compatibility I know these things take time, both to add the data, compile the build, then also upload it, I certainly didn't expect such fast responses on just the support forum, I was actually just stopping by to see if there was a link to the repository. I'm pretty much certain to purchase the full version once its ready. Especially after this kind of fast response.
  4. oh hey so I haven't found the place to grab that pre release file i guess can you help a brother out?
  5. I had to turn OFF any WiFi, these cannons wont even connect to their own software over USB, when WiFi is enabled, not even just connected nut enabled in Menu/Functions/NFC WiFi has to be set to disabled. Now I'm to the not supported by SDK level at least. Can i get that beta version pre-release that might support it, I just noted that the version I need to have to use my camera, I promise to send logs and such and respond to you on whatever you need, I'm a DSLR noob, but have participated in many network and protocol debugging sessions in my time. I understand how hard it is to troubleshoot issues on a device you don't physically own. So let me know email me and I'm happy to also help via phone, or direct emails. I'd love to help you get this model supported, it seems to have lots of nice features at a low pricepoint, so its a good model to add IMHO, I can't afford Canon's new Astrophotography rig, its way too far out of my budget.
  6. 11:11:54 Licensed to ciscoexpert99 11:12:07 Attempting to connect camera... 11:12:07 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 11:12:07 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 2000D 11:12:07 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957769. 11:12:07 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484722(80000432) 11:12:07 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 11:12:07 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 11:12:29 Attempting to connect camera... 11:12:29 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 11:12:29 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 2000D 11:12:29 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957769. 11:12:29 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484722(80000432) 11:12:29 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 11:12:29 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON
  7. DEV, I just got the trial hoping to get full eventually. well if we can get ti working lol email me the.support.depot@gmail.com i work in tech support so I can probably help the 2000d is supposed to be the same fuctional camera as the t7
  8. i have a 2000d how can I help?
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