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  1. Thanks s3igell, properly setting focus area did it - I now have focus via software control on my D810 by setting focus area to S (single-point AF, Note it doesn't seem to matter whether focus mode is set for single-servo or continuous servo), camera body set to AF, and lens set to either A/M or M/A. For what it's worth, I've also confirmed that BYN properly records exposure time when putting camera in Delayed Exposure Mode (and optionally Electronic Front Curtain Shutter) without having to add in the mirror up delay (ie setting exposure for 40 seconds and camera with 2 second delayed exposure after mirror up, BYN will send open shutter, camera will raise mirror and wait 2 seconds to open shutter, and then record a 40 second exposure). Note that I'm not posting this to trigger a discussion about whether one would want to worry about mirror lock-up. Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. Thanks for your response. I haven't been able to get remote focusing working via BYN. I believe this is tied to a limitation of the Nikon specific drivers/functions exposed by the camera vs what Canon makes available. If a BYN user could confirm that would be helpful, but as I indicated, fully zoomed on a star @ 200mm, focusing via camera display in Liveview works well, particularly because the star's width on the camera display responds more quickly with adjustments to the lens' focus. With respect to the 2 second delay, this is set on camera when setting up delayed exposure mode: with that set, when exposure is initiated (via shutter button or remote), camera lifts the mirror, waits the specified delay (two seconds in my case), and opens the shutter to begin exposure. When I do this via my Shutterboss, I'll set the shutterboss exposure duration for 2 seconds plus desired exposure length, and the exposure time recorded in the captured images EXIF data will show the desired exposure length. When I do this via BYN, it sounds like the camera raises the mirror, waits 2 seconds before raising the shutter, and then exposes the sensor. However, the exposure time recorded in the captured image EXIF data shows desired exposure length+2 seconds. I appreciate that mirror lock-up and exposure duration +/- 2 seconds are both somewhat academic wrt deep sky imaging, but I'm mostly trying to confirm I have a good handle on the interaction between BYN and the camera, plus I'm also trying to isolate an unknown source of movement in my rig. The dark frame bit was wishful thinking...
  3. I'm evaluating BYN for use with my D810 and wanted to confirm answers to a couple of questions: - I wanted to confirm that I CANNOT focus via software control (this is what I've seen in the forums, at least for older versions. Lens I am testing with is AFS 70-200mm II.) I'm actually seeing that it's easier to focus via Liveview using camera display as opposed to more conveniently angled laptop display because feedback to adjustments is quicker. Can anyone make any suggestions re BYN and/or camera settings to make feedback on laptop display quicker re focusing? - I've been shooting with Delayed Exposure set to 2 seconds re mirror slap. Discussions on whether this is necessary for long exposures aside, when capturing an image sequence, audibly I believe I'm hearing a 2 second delay between mirror up and shutter open, but the exposure times I'm seeing recorded in the image files include the 2 second delay. Can anyone provide any insight on what's going on here? - Lastly, I believe this is wishful thinking, but for recording dark frames, I wanted to confirm I do physically need to cover the lens, correct? (ie camera interface does not provide a mechanism for recording frame with shutter closed to automate interleaving dark frame capture). Thanks in advance for any answers!
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