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  1. Thanks for the response. I am running v.3.1.16 Premier Edition with a modded Canon 6D.
  2. mhamburg

    End of Sequence?

    At the end of my last capture run, the sequence began again! This happened not only with light frames, but with flats and darks as well. I could stop the run with the abort button, but this is a first. In fact, I set BYEOS to capture 25 dark frames and then left my observatory for the night. The next morning I discovered that BYEOS had repeated the 25 frame sequence had kept repeating until I hit the abort. This has never happened before. Please advise and thanks for the help. Michael
  3. Thanks.I thought so. Michael
  4. First I want to say how much I love using BYEOS. BYEOS has the best user interface in the business. However, I discovered recently that when using this method, you don't need an actual physical mask. Does that make the mask redundant? Thanks for all advice. Michael
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