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  1. The camera is permanently mounted. I removed the usb cable from the camera and cycled the power for the camera. I noticed that the battery icon was flashing on the camera LCD display. When I removed the battery adapter, powered by a transformer, I noticed the power cable wasn't seated all the way in the adapter. That may have been the issue as I ran a bunch of exposures without any issues. I'll be testing it more tonight. If you don't hear back from me that took care of it. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I've been using my SL1 camera without any issues until lately. I can connect, select what I want to do, and the camera begins to image. After different amounts of images I get the error listed in the title. Sometimes the log will just state "Camera Disconnected". I power the camera off and back on and can then connect to EOS, but end up with the same results. I tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing without success. I did the same with the Backyard EOS program. I do use other programs at the same time such as MaximDL and Sky X, although I only connect the camera to Backyard EOS
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