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    SDK error

    Hello, I downloaded (trial) and installed backyard EOS, but when try to connect to the camera I get an sdk initialization error, below a copy of the log Thanks, Freddy 20:26:45 Licensed to fjdiazg 20:28:32 Attempting to connect camera... 20:28:32 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:28:32 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 20:28:43 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:29:05 Attempting to connect camera... 20:29:05 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:29:08 50D CONNECTED! 20:29:09 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:29:22 Attempting to connect camera... 20:29:24 Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized. 20:29:24 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 20:29:29 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:29:32 Attempting to connect camera... 20:29:32 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:29:34 50D CONNECTED! 20:29:35 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:30:32 Attempting to connect camera... 20:30:32 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:30:32 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 20:30:36 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:31:11 Attempting to connect camera... 20:31:11 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:31:13 50D CONNECTED! 20:31:14 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:31:57 ASCOM Telescope disconnected (or unable to connect). 20:31:57 Make sure the correct COM port is assigned to your device. 20:32:11 Attempting to connect camera... 20:32:13 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:32:15 50D CONNECTED! 20:32:16 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:33:06 Attempting to connect camera... 20:33:06 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:33:09 50D CONNECTED! 20:33:10 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! 20:33:42 Attempting to connect camera... 20:33:44 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 20:33:47 50D CONNECTED! 20:33:47 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR!
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