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  1. Of course, that is a somewhat reasonable option. But I actually have a D7000 (not D7100), which I have read to understand may have a better sensor for this hobby. Not to mention that I use the camera for a lot more than this... Astro is a very minor aspect of what I use my camera for. If changing cameras, I think I might just go mirrorless. But as it's an evolving tecnology, I think I'll wait for another generation. Ultimately, I just feel $150 for a cable is nuts. It's less likely to be a recoverable amount if sold, whereas filters, etc. would easily be....... I can't blame Nikon. I
  2. Well.... okay. Am I correct in presuming that the electronics from the solution you linked is basically the "same" , as opposed to being only "similar" to the Shoestring DSUSB cable? Functionality at 100% compatible? Thank you for the quick response by the way. clear skies! BigBadger
  3. I too have a D7000 and am trying to figure this all out. Is there no other option for a shutter release cable than the Shoestring 2 part, over priced cable? Jeez I can buy an entire interval shutter release unit online that does all the shutter control for $8. Unfortunately not to a PCUSB. Why is the DSUSB $76, with another $16 which is so short that you really also need another $8 extension? Are the guts of that clunky box on the DSUSB open and available for reverse engineering? Add all this up and I'm paying $150 CAD delivered for a freaking cable...... I don't care how much
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