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  1. camera for astrophotography. The "Nikon Rumors" website is reporting a 60 percent probability of a Nikon 810 version with astrophotography features. www.nikonrumors.com
  2. Cool....I have ordered. Was fun working with you. Jason
  3. So here is the basic build of the cable once you have the parts in the previous posts. Tools Sharp knife Small file Super glue small screw driver Directions 1) Cut the cable release button housing to just leave the cord and 10 pin connector, 2) Trim back the three wires so you have some copper to work with for each. I added some solder to the wires so they wouldn't fray. 3) Cut holes in the Radio Shack project box to accommodate the PC board. Some cutting away of the inside of the project board is needed so the PC board lays flat. Cut hole for wire and USB connection. Filing do
  4. Ok...we've tested this and Guyroch is willing to put in the support for the board. Can others post in this thread if you want to have this board supported? Jason
  5. Board works perfectly with Nikon D3s. Guyroch and I can't figure out why a D800e will release shutter twice and then stop working.
  6. cicsprog

    Very Cool.....

    New planet discovered. Some really nice photos. http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/28/tech/giant-planetary-ring-system/
  7. We have been working on this today - mostly Guyroch. He is very smart and knows the Nikon SDK big time. The board is working with BYN but stops releasing the shutter after the second image capture. Kinda strange for sure. Keep you posted.
  8. Hey all. I have been testing. Looks like I need a SMALL code change in BYN that Guyroch is going to try in next few days. Keep your fingers crossed and we will hopefully have an alternative inexpensive solution. Attached is finished product, Jason
  9. Tracking says board will be delivered tomorrow. Hope to have an answer by Monday night or Tuesday.
  10. Still waiting for the board to arrive. Have everything ready for a test.
  11. Just tried it under Firefox...paste works. So, some IE type issue/parameter.
  12. Don't be worried that this is difficult to make. You can have 12 thumbs and put this together - its that easy. Hardest part will be cutting the USB square hole on the side of the Radio Shack project box. I got an email today that the board had shipped from Bulgaria. I also found the same vendor on EBay for the CORRECT board. Search on Seller KMTRONIC2010 and you will find the one channel board on EBay.
  13. I must be doing something really dumb. I can't paste from my clipboard into topics. What am I missing here? Noticed it when I was trying to paste some URL's
  14. Just a thought...if this works with BYN (pretty sure it will) it will probably work with other software. I have MaxiumDL and can try it on that.
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