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  1. No rush on my end. Get the software to where you are 100% confident and happy with it, and that will be payment enough for me since I plan on using this model going forward for OSC widefield imaging. I would rather you take the time you need/want with it than be <100% confident with it. Cheers!
  2. Guylain, that is correct. I didnt try Raw+jpeg but I could. I didnt see the point and have never used this setting for AP... I was shooting darks but there was a black rectangle on the screen so pretty sure the image was being previewed in BYE... Also, i wouldn't call me an authority on this camera. It is extremely complicated with a metric ton of settings and features. It is pretty intense. I figured it would work best with any and all internal processing turned off though it really shouldn't be applying any of these settings to Raw files...but best to leave off and minimize processing. I do know the camera runs pretty hot with the EXIF temp at ~35°C with ambient ~22-24. But it was solid at 35 without much movement so not sure how accurate that is. It's still very early for me and this model. I will try and get out to verify a real world setup someday with lights/darks etc..... if this hurricane ever leaves.....got me sitting here wondering if I bought enough beer.. I don't think I did. LOL Cheers!
  3. BYE displayed my raw files during my initial testing with my R earlier today. I had it set to Raw only. Are you sure your computer has the latest Canon software installed? I had to update everything for my PC to recognize the R camera (can be found direct from canon site). After doing so I confirmed my R worked with EOS Utility without issue. Once I had that I knew my setup worked and could focus on setting up BYE. Only problem is now EOS Utility keeps launching when I plug in the camera and have to close it and then launch BYE. But thankfully BYE appears to be working with the R. Ran several sessions of darks just to test but ran fine. I was using the latest build (I think. Got the link directly from admin) Should be mentioned the R requires to be in Manual mode like almost all other Canon models but somehow I forgot that in the last 3 or 4 years of being away. I also have all in camera lens and image processing turned off, as well as LENR. The only error I got was when trying to use my RF lens and the frame and focus tool. It had an error about the focus mode or something like that but it worked just fine and focused. I removed the lens and just took darks with the body cap. My point....is there is hope that this will officially be a supported model soon.
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