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  1. Thanks for your advice, I shall try it asap. I was not aware of this option...
  2. Hallo and good day to you all, I am now working (a loaner) with the Nikon D810a and wnat to use it with BYN. The camera is on the list and properly recognized BUT one of its main features, the M* option with extended exposure time settings up to 600 seconds is not possible. BYN does not allow this mode, when I activate it and connect the camera to BYN, it switches to standard M mode - which means, 30 seconds is the maximum possible exposure time. I did not find any way to activate M* with BYN (even the newest prerelease does not work) - would it be possible to implement this additional option as it is one of the key features of the D810a... Thanks - and I would appreciate your comments a lot! Georg
  3. Hi, when do you release BYN RC3 officially either as final pre-release or as final version? I would like to purchase the pro version now as I am very happy with the pre-pre-release, which I got from you for testing Thanks Georg
  4. Two days ago, the weather was quite OK during the night here in the vicinity of Vienna (Austria), where I am living and I was therefore able to test the functionality of BYN RC3...it works very fine. I am waiting to receive the autoguiding equipment but with 30 Sec per shot (20 shots) with my Z7 and the Sigma Apo 150-600 AF IS, the Andromeda galaxy turned out not too bad. Due to the rather short exposure (not to exceed 30sec), I needed to use 6400 ISO...which deteriorated the overall impression. However, I think, a nice start, but as a beginner in this area of photography (my home is macro and micro), I would be happy the receive suggestions for improvements from you guys!
  5. Hi again, I have downloaded the file and installed it - it works very fine. Problem solved, I would suggest! - Thank you for your quick and efficient support Regards Georg
  6. Thanks, I´ll wait and try it as soon as the SW is released. My English is sometimes a bit strange, because it is not my prime language...sorry for it.
  7. I have downloaded RC2::1499 and same as before - nothing happens... any ideas? My Z7 has firmware C2.0 and LF1.0 ( all latest FW), camera body set to M and time to B, AF off, single exposure...same settings as for the D850 (which works very fine)....help! :_)
  8. Very easy - if I click on the icon Z6...the systems tries to connect but fails, because it is not a Z6 which I connected. If I click on the icon Z7, nothing at all happens - not even a try to connect to my Z7...clear? Clicking on the Z7 icon, there is no reaction of the program at all..
  9. gnnyman

    Nikon Z6

    Sounds great, however, sadly enough, nothing works with my Z7..... 😞 any idea or hint for a solution ? I need some help...
  10. I have the Z7 ( and the D850 ) - and I downloaded the RC2....same as with the current version of BYN.... in the menu Z7 shows up but clicking on it - nothing happens. And yes, camera is at M and B and in photo mode... everything fine with the D850 but nothing with the Z7. However, if I click on Z6, it seems to work because BYN tells me that it is not a Z6.... any ideas, any solution? Thanks and regards from Lower Austria
  11. I have the Z7 and same problem - clicking in the selection menu on Z7 - nothing happens.... any ideas?
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