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  1. RegiStax 6 was last updated in 2011. Is there another software that is more current?
  2. jedimd

    Trial Version

    Admin, I had to restart my computer (another software installation). I tried "BYE v3.1" and it looks like it works. Maybe a glitch during the install, but it all seems to be working. I'm looking forward to using it later tonight. BTW, I forgot to mention that I am running this on a MacBook Air, using Bootcamp. This may be a good solution for the other Mac users out there.
  3. jedimd

    Trial Version

    Interesting. During the installation, there are 2 icons installed on the desktop. "BYE v3.1" and "BYE v3.1 (camera 2)" When I clicked on the "camera 2" icon, everything seems to work. Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks all for responses.
  4. jedimd

    Trial Version

    When I click connect, it connects to the computer, but then the "Connect" button is as shown. I'm assuming that the connection is not maintained. If that's the case, any thoughts on troubleshooting it? The camera is on, battery fully charged.
  5. jedimd

    Trial Version

    @Admin, attached is a screenshot. Aside from connecting, I cannot do anything else.
  6. jedimd

    Trial Version

    Thanks for the response. I've already gotten the trial version, and have it set up just has you suggest (kitchen table). The camera is connect, but I am unable to start capture, or fiddle with any of the other settings in the application.
  7. jedimd

    Trial Version

    Does the trial version allow capture of images? I'm using 3.1.17 on Win10 with a Rebel T3 camera. I am new to AP and want to see if the software does what I'd like before I purchase it. Thanks.
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