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  1. Followed solution map above (Admin's direction) and all seems to have worked after Apply, Save, Restart. Will test tonight. Thanks guys.
  2. Astroman133 et al: In reading through the entire thread, it is not clear what the "actually works" solution is. Some work, some don't. Can someone please list the steps (with illustrations, if possible) that are known to reliably and consistently SAVE Setting updates until the user/owner wants them changed again? IMHO, without this, the value of BY EOS is diminished. Better yet would be a YouTube video. Also, the problem I have with Settings is for BY EOS 3.1 Premium. The DSLR is a Canon T3i.
  3. astroman133: Since you were so helpful the first time, I have another question. (BTW, the download on the new/second PC worked fine.) When I went to update (temp in F, start dither on start-up, etc) and hopefully save, the settings on the second download, it wouldn't save them after clicking Apply and Save. I would make the changes, Apply, Save, close out Settings window, and then come back only to find that none of the updates were accepted. I even tried to shutting down after Apply and Save, but no good. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. Old HP Windows laptop in midst of hard disk failure. What is best way to download v 3.1 BYEOS Premium onto new Dell laptop for controlling T3i? Do I need to purchase a new license/key (hope not). Recommended approach would be appreciated. tThx.
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