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  1. Hi there, I think the main crux to getting wifi to work with my Canon 200D was up grading the BYE to the recent latest 3.1.18-RC3 version. This update only came out last month I believe. I first started with 3.1.16 which totally didn’t work. 3.1.17 wasn’t much better either. Finally when admin offered the link to 3.1.18-RC3 which is still in the pre-release area of BYE somewhere. but anyway, after updating BYEOS started working. Not smoothly though. This I think was mainly due to not really fully understanding how to use the program. I wanted to do 180 x 60sec exposures in my backyard but it didn’t like it. If just froze after the first exposure. Using abort or suspend didn’t help either. It was a matter of disconnecting the wifi connection and start again. This didn’t work either. I ended up doing shorter plans of 20 x 60sec exposures. Will try 50, 75, 100 etc soon to see how many it likes without freezing. Ive always been able to connect to the EOS utility on start up when downloading files from my camera to the laptop without a hitch. BYE won’t connect if EOS utility is running so make sure it is not running. I have an ASUS Laptop running Windows 10 with 64bit. This is only a few mths old. My camera is a Canon 200D DSLR which is less than 12mths old. There was a lot of connecting and dis-connecting before I managed to get it up and running properly. so that’s about it, any Q’s please ask. I’m kore than happy to try and answer.
  2. ok thank you it seems to be working now. Just have to get my head around how to run the programme properly. Working with wifi also which is good. Thank you again...
  3. updated version to 3.1.17 and get this far 12:53:22 Licensed to AstroDazee 12:53:22 Processor Affinity 12:54:19 Attempting to connect camera... 12:54:19 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 12:54:24 Attempting to connect camera... 12:54:24 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 12:54:42 Attempting to connect camera... 12:54:42 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:00:29 Attempting to connect camera... 13:00:29 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:00:49 Attempting to connect camera... 13:00:49 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:02:11 Attempting to connect camera... 13:02:11 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:03:27 Attempting to connect camera... 13:03:27 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:03:48 Attempting to connect camera... 13:03:48 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 13:04:14 Attempting to connect camera... 13:04:14 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
  4. Below is the Log file from BYEOS. Camera connects ok with EOS Utility using WIFI but not to BYEOS. Camera is the Canon 200D Computer is running windows 8 64bit. 11:08:57 Licensed to AstroDazee 11:08:57 Processor Affinity 11:09:53 Attempting to connect camera... 11:09:53 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 11:09:54 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 200D 11:09:54 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957804. 11:09:54 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484695(80000417) 11:09:54 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 11:09:54 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON
  5. My Canon 200D wont connect to BYEOS with WIFI or USB. Can you help please. Have done a camera software up date, EOS utility works ok via wifi.

    Below is the log file from BYEOS

    EOS 20011:08:57  Licensed to AstroDazee
    11:08:57  Processor Affinity
    11:09:53  Attempting to connect camera...
    11:09:53  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
    11:09:54  DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957804.
    11:09:54  YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484695(80000417)
    11:09:54  YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release.
    11:09:54  Camera Not Found!  Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON :)D wont connect to BYEOS wifi or usb

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