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  1. Hey, are there any news about compatibilty with EOS 250D? My Trial is over now, but I don't want to buy the full version until I can be sure that it will totally support my camera. kind regards,
  2. Did you see that in the files, that the problem is caused by the x5 zoom? Maybe you could send me a version without the zoom (if it's as easy as it sounds) and I would try/use that until you have the chance to work on it.
  3. Hi, did you recieve my Logfiles? And if yes were they useful?
  4. I just tried the new version, the problem is still there. I just sent you an e-mail with the logfiles.
  5. Yes that works fine. It's just the Live View problem. If you need further information or something to test please let me know. Regards
  6. Ah okay. Yes in EOS Utility everything works. I can zoom in x5 and x10 without any problems.
  7. I sent them to your e-mail adress.
  8. Thank you for your tips, some of those settings were actually wrong, I changed them but the problem is still the same. The Mirror closes and the error occurs, when I remove the cable between PC and Camera the Camera is working again, so I don't have to remove the battery anymore. But the Live-View doesn't work.
  9. Ok. I connect the camera to BYEos, all settings are shown in the Camera Information Center, I can take photos... no problem at all. When I click on the button "Frame & Focus" the mirror goes up but closes immediately. Then the camera display shows this "err. 70". I tried with the Kit Lens as well, as with the T-Ring adapter for my telescope. The Mode was Manually, with Manual Focus, RAW+L, Manual White Balance on Daylight. I didnt't try another mode than"M" because thats the only one you can use for astrophotography.
  10. Thank you for the downloadlink. My camera works with the new version. Except of one thing: In every mode that needs Live-View as "planetary" or "focusing" the camera crashes. The camera display shows ERR. 70 and I have to pull out the battery to reset the camera. This issue occurs only in BYEos. In EOS Utility the Live View works. The problem occurs via USB as well as via Wifi. I read in some forums and formated my SD Card, but it didn't solve it.
  11. I did so, thank you very much.
  12. I did, thanks for your fast support.
  13. Thank you, the validation worked. But it seems as if the Pre-Release doesn't support the 250D as well. Logbox says: Camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available.
  14. Ok thanks, I downloaded it. Can you give me a second trial please? And do I have to do something for it?
  15. Hey, I just wanted to ask whether you already implemented to compatibility for the EOS 250D. And if yes, how I can get a new trial. Regards
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