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  1. Thank you Astroman133 Excuse my ignorance, so I can connect two 5m repeaters and one 2m usb cable to make up my 12m distance? Kind regards Ben
  2. Hi Admin, can’t remember if 5 meters is the maximum length for a usb cable to allow the software to work? My problem is that I’ve just built a observatory and the distance from my laptop ( warm room) to my telescope in the observatory is more like 12 meters. Can I connect a 7m and 5m usb cable together?? Kind regards Ben
  3. Out of curiosity, on both occasions downloading BY EOS, I have two shortcuts to BY EOS? plus the short cut for red screen. 1) BY EOS 2 BY EOS (Camera 2) The only difference I can see is when using the second shortcut, you get two copies of the same picture in my photos. Kind regards Ben
  4. Thank you Astroman Cheers Ben
  5. Hello Admin, I've activated BY EOS. New cable and EOS working just fine. Thank you for being so helpful. Cheers Ben
  6. Thank you for the honest response. I’ve already printed out the return label. This is what I’ve ordered https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00B2HP2UI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_wCz8CbEQQ8J36 Cheers Ben
  7. I couldn’t tell you if it’s Active or not, sorry. However it is USB 2. See link below. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008I2RYTW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_G.w8Cb649MK0Z I did purchase today a 5 meter active repeater, male to female USB 2 which will arrive tomorrow. I plan on using this with my official canon cable. I will uninstall and reinstall tomorrow when the new cable arrives and let you know after I’ve activated. Thank you for being so helpful, I’m 99.99% certain it’s the 10m usb cable as you mentioned, which is the problem. Kind regards Ben
  8. Hello Admin Last night I was playing around with the planetary feature were you see live feed on screen from a dslr. I was using a brand new 10 meter usb / mini b cable. The cable was still coiled up from postage. For some reason, every time I clicked on planetary, BY EOS would crash. After 5/6 attempts of crashing, I went and used the original Canon cable and everything worked fine. This morning I spoke to a friend who suggested unravelling the 10m cable so there wouldn’t be any interference from the coiled cable, this worked well, BY EOS didn’t crash once. Roughly 1/2 hour
  9. Hello and thank you for your suggestion. Internet connection is working as normal. However, when I click out from the (Inactive) message, I’m taken back to the login screen which shows the 30 digit licence key / identifier. My 30 digit licence key is already showing but I’m asked to type in my identifier / username. After typing in my username in the correct lowercase I’m taken back to the (Inactive) message.
  10. Hello, I installed the 30 day trial a few days ago and It’s been working perfect until today. I went to login this morning and I’m getting this message on screen... (s:INACTIVE) - The key provided has expired, been deactivated, or has not been activated. Please contact us. Like I said, everything has been working fine up until now and I only downloaded the software 5 days ago kind regards Ben
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