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  1. JTWaters

    Plate Solving?

    It looks like that's the case. Are there any plans in the works for other Plate Solvers?
  2. JTWaters

    Plate Solving?

    I just found this link.
  3. JTWaters

    Plate Solving?

    How would I incorporate Plate Solving into BYE? Which one would be best?
  4. JTWaters

    USB Weather Station?

    What USB weather station works with BYE?
  5. When I was looking through the code I was searching for the MoveAxis commands. I should have been looking for Slew, Center and Guide. To answer your question, ideally the same as the Gemini Telescope.NET app. Guide, Center and Slew. Maybe three radial buttons - G, C, S. I am not sure how this would impact other ASCOM mounts and how you can implement a One-Size-Fits-All interface. http://download.ascom-standards.org/drivers/GeminiTelescopeInstaller(
  6. The Gemini-2 code is in several locations at GitHub. I don't know how the Speed Settings below correspond to MoveAxis. One key GitHub Gemini-II location is... I can't locate ASCOM Gemini Telescope.NET. https://github.com/PKAstro/Ascom.Gemini.Telescope/tree/master/GeminiTelescope
  7. I tried to contact the ASCOM Telescope.NET developers but was unsuccessful. One key developer passed away. Not sure the best approach for the Speed button.
  8. I will look into this and get back to you in a few days. "It is possible that the behavior of the Gemini-2 does set it to SLEW once is receives a MoveAxis command to perform the slew," EDIT - I need to contact the Gemini-2 Telescope.NET developers to determine how MoveAxis works. Give me 7 to 10 days. The Telescope.NET app below enables the user to set the GUIDE, CENTER and SLEW speeds.
  9. Sorry, the '4' Gemini-2 speeds are SLEW, MOVE, CENTER and GUIDE. In order... More info - If I set the Gemini-2 Hand Controller to CENTER, MOVE or GUIDE BYE RC12 still uses SLEW speed and resets the Gemini-2 Hand Controller to SLEW. "Ok, I looked at it and I'll have to sit on this one until I have more time to look at it; " I am OK with this but don't forget about it.
  10. Why not use the 3 Gemini-2 speeds? Slew, Center, Guide OR ... S, C, or G.
  11. Just downloaded RC12 and did some quick testing. Selected Gemini Telescope.net. BYE ASCOM 'Speed' comes up at 10%. +- DEC buttons work now. +-RA buttons still work. ASCOM 'Speed' setting 1% or 100% does nothing. DEC or RA speeds do not change. I am assuming that the Speed setting changes the DEC / RA movement speeds.
  12. Good news... When you are ready for me to test it out send me a private e-mail.
  13. Let me know if there's going to be a RC fix to test.
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