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  1. Thanks for the update. Looks like they have changed their design / marketing approach.
  2. What about including it only in the Premium Edition as an add-on module. Charge a few dollars $$$ for it. Link it to the blank space to the right of the Settings icon. I would purchase it. IMHO this would increase the marketability of BackyardEOS and Nikon.
  3. OK - I just uninstalled BYE and deleted all directories, cache files and anything else I could find. Its working now. Not sure what was going on... I did install AstroTortilla earlier today and linked it into BYE. Did that cause the problem?
  4. No - Win7 Pro x86. I can uninstall and delete all data if you like and reinstall. Let me know.
  5. This build isn't saving settings. Any setting...
  6. Astrotortilla hasn't been updated in a few years. What other plate solvers work with BackyardEOS.
  7. Will the Canon M50 be supported in the future?
  8. astroman133 - I understand the time impact. LENR does not download the Darks. I want temperature matching Lights and Darks downloaded for better noise reduction and PI processing. admin - not true. LENR takes a Dark and subtracts it from the previous Light then saves the Light. You do not have to cover the lens. I want them both downloaded.
  9. The feature request is something like LENR where a Dark is taken after the Light and automatically subtracted from the Light. I would like to tell BYE to take a Light sub and then have it automatically take a Dark after the Light and have both images downloaded. This feature would provide "matching" Lights and Darks for later processing. This will aid in the final image stacking and noise reduction and result in better images. I believe the Canon SDK can support this feature request.
  10. JTWaters


    What's being worked on or new in this release?
  11. I haven't been following the conversations. Sorry about the server licensing issues. I have been there... In the next release delete what's left of the Abort Delay.
  12. What about these 2 bugs / issues? https://www.otelescope.com/forums/topic/2471-backyardeos-3114-lockup-and-save-settings-problem/ https://www.otelescope.com/forums/topic/2472-backyardeos-3114-abort-delay-not-saved-bug/
  13. What's new in this release? What bugs have been fixed?
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