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  1. Basically looking at “doubling” resolution without buying another scope, and a small compact sensor camera has other uses (basically replace some other camera gear I have that doesn’t work well for Astro).
  2. I needed to update my Z6 for the autofocus fixes and I can report that it still works with BackYardNikon 2.0.11 - RC1 which I’m using with Windows 10. the plan is to send the Nikon in for the RAW upgrade in April (after Messier marathon) and will report back then if it continues to work. clear Skies, graeme
  3. I guess what you are saying is that while I'd get a tight FOV I wouldn't be getting any actually increase in resolution for the REDCAT51? So using the V3 wouldn't really anything to the image that I couldn't crop and then digitally expand to match the FOV from the Z6.
  4. Rick, By more reach I'm referring to smaller pixel size and sensor (2.7x crop) The Z6 is FX at 24MP, the V3 is CX at 18MP Z6 Pixel Pitch is 5.92um V3 Pixel Pitch is 2.51um So it effective doubles your visual resolution (yes you will be taking more noise for that benefit). F-Stop of your lens stays the same but the apparent magnification is 2.7x (so a RedCat51 goes from 250mm f/3.9 to 675mm f/3.9) Given that Nikon Abandoned the CX sensor, I can pick up this camera cheaper than another telescope. I hope that explains it.
  5. I've too found the back screen on the Z6 gives a better live view image then F&F in BYN. F&F works but really only shows the brigtest of stars, I think something is being applied to the raw image when its sent to the computer or something. Also of note, the stacking generally just blows out the image after 3 while providing no additional real detail (stars you see at level 1 are just brighter as you go up levels and the background noise blows out the image), not sure if that is how its suppose to work or a limitation due to Z6 output but I had though stacking should kick out some additional detail not just make the image brighter & noiser. It would be nice if we could add a dark subtraction frame to F&F to drop the noise floor (or if that feature already exists a friendly pointer on how to do that). Camera Dial to M, Stock Firmware (first version), BYN release with Z6 feature - I havent updated anything for fear of getting issues one way or the other.
  6. I'm really enjoying BYN with my Z6 which is FF but sometimes I wish I could get a bit more reach with my scope, I saw that the Nikon 1 V3 (CX Sensor Size 2.7x Crop) was supported and I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with it. Thoughts on the J5? (It has the IMX183 chip). If someone has used this camera it would be nice to see what photos they managed to capture from it.
  7. Eventually I’ll do a blog post & YouTube video once the release is final and I’m familiar with BYN. admin asked me to move my experiences and concerns to a separate thread so pardon the cross posting. (admin Reply) 1. BYN should not freeze...but saying this I also need to say the BYN/BYE are meant for long exposure photography so you need to set the camera to M or B.2. Don't confuse image resolution with zoom levels. The 5x zoom in BYE/BYN is design to set the camera zoom to a 1:1 pixel resolution, meaning 1 pixel on the senor = 1 pixel on the image. Any other zoom level and you are loosing resolution/quality. Image quality is not a factor of zoom level, it's a factor of 1:1 pixel resolution. Use what 5x zooms gives and never look back. 1:1 pixel resolution is the absolute best image quality your camera can provide.3. Same as #2. Video mode is not quality mode...it does not give a 1:1 pixel resolution.4. That's a good observation, I don't think I make any attempt to re-position the in-camera zoom location. I'll put that on the list to verify. You should start a separate thread for your reports; this will make searching a lot easier in the future for other people with the Z camera... as it stands this will get buried in this pre-release thread. Just an observation. Regards, 5x - understood 1:1 #3 revisited - the Nikon Z6 (not Z7) does provide a 1:1 readout in 4K DX mode using an external recorder it’s possible to get 10-bit 4:2:2 colour space although “RAW” update is theoretically coming in the next few months. I agree that not everyone has that kind of equipment to pull that kind of quality video, but I happen too so I’ll test at some point (RAW video is a bit overkill over PreRes anyways).
  8. I'm hoping to use BYN for planetary the next time there is a clear night, was doing some daylight testing and noticed a few things: 1. If the Camera is not Set on "M" Manual and you attempt to preview/image etc... it gets stuck trying to take the image and I needed to restart BYN and reconnect (Abort/Suspend did not kick out) 2. In planetary there is a 5x setting, however on the back of the camera I can push it one more zoom level and BYN actually zooms in as well, that is to my understanding the 1:1 maximum zoom capable of the camera. 3. The Z6 (and Z7) have a video mode and photo mode, the camera must be in Photo Mode or BYN loses control over the camera. 4. The Zoom in on Planetary does not follow the preview box, it's always zooms in center (but again once zoomed in you can change on the back of the camera manually). I'll test BYN Planetary vs. In Camera method and see if they come out similar results, although using the Nikon for Planetary is not ideal, it is a neat option given I don't have a dedicated planetary camera.
  9. Thanks for that tidbit of info, that should help things tonight when I go with round 2. Images were all saved as expected so very happy. I'm sure there is more to learn about the software as I continue but for now this means I'm really off to the races!
  10. I meant the software on the laptop to support the Z6 RAW files etc - the camera firmware is still the same as I’m waiting for the RAW Video firmware update (and to wait a bit more for no one to report issues with the upgrade). I just use camera 2, I may of messed up the settings on camera 2 when I was first using the software (?) and I don’t know how to reset to factory defaults. okay, live view works different in BYN than the back of the camera (guess because it’s mirrorless) as I’ve had better success seeing faint objects with the camera screen as you roll up the exposure time / ISO then I did on BYN as the noise seems to overrun the software. I’ll use snap images feature in the future. I’ll report back later today once I’ve recovered the files as I left it running into the early AM doing bias and darks (it’s in a water proof observatory).
  11. I think the restart was required as I had some Nikon Firmware/software uploaded to the computer. I'm also using “camera 2” to run my system as it allows me to select the Nikon Z6 each startup. Seems its best to turn on the camera (USB connected to the PC) then boot the software, not sure why but it plays nicer that way... Beyond that it seems to image fine and I encountered no imaging issues (one restart because I bumped the cable mid-Imaging - my bad) framing and imaging sections though were painful compared to using the back of the Z6 screen or cycling “previews” in imaging (I don’t have goto) and I’m not familiar with all the various tools the software provides. Perhaps I wasn’t understanding the settings for this but I don’t think what I was seeing was the full sensor read-out and Galaxy/nebulous was not shown in framing, just stars. another night I’ll look at dither and other integrated tools, tonight I ran PHD2 separately and polemaster with no issues. stellarium and BackYardNikon did have some issues in terms of swapping screens and seeing the active window. Not sure why but I could be I was maxing out the ram having three cameras / software running at the same time along with stellarium which is a bit of a beast for the laptop . ill check the resulting files in the morning but they look to be all there initially and I managed to do my 800 vs 8000 iso Test along with other imaging. It’s nice to produce darks at the end of the night for all the different settings. Zzz
  12. Super, giving it a try, few things I've noticed so far... 1. Restart Required after install 2. Z6 requires an XQD card in the camera or BackYardNikon gets stuck "downloading" and times out. 3. Bitdefender does require several "exceptions" to be main to allow BYN to save files 4. For under 1 second subs (as I'm imaging in the day my backyard) I requested 10 & 5 images and instead got 8 & 4 [with a few files not producing JPEG, but rather just RAW and TIFF] when I switch to BULB and exposures of 1 second or longer I get what I requested (images are of course over exposed). 5. None of the Images are saved to the XQD card [I'm assuming that is normal for PC controlled] Images appear to be of the correct quality, next opportunity I'll run it during the night and report back any encountered issues. logfile-[20190706-07h52m56s008]-backgroundworker-[11968]-2019-07-06.txt
  13. Does this pre-release support the Nikon Z6? I’m raring to try it out and get ready for the next new moon cycle before Starfest
  14. Any timeline on when this next release will appear that will support the Z6? I'm itching to get BackYardNikon Running and Using the Z6.
  15. Wonderful News! About when should we expect the new release?
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