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  1. Any timeline on when this next release will appear that will support the Z6? I'm itching to get BackYardNikon Running and Using the Z6.
  2. Wonderful News! About when should we expect the new release?
  3. Thank you for the clarification, so for my set-up, just one camera.
  4. Wondering if BackYardNikon control 2 cameras at once? And if there is any way to have a Nikon and Canon Run with the software (or do you just have one instance of BYN and BYC running at the same time?) - I just noticed that one of my older cameras is on the compatibility list... Thanks
  5. Likely early June unless I get a someone to bring it up sometime in May (I'm moving next month so the Z6 will not get a lot of use so a week without it won't kill me).
  6. How long do you think you'd need a Z6 in your hands to get it to work? (I'm asking as I could possibly drop by and lend you my Z6 while visiting family in Ottawa if you are 100% sure you won't brick the camera, might be faster than waiting on Nikon to send one to you... and I'd like a Laptopable solution some point soon for the camera)
  7. I too am waiting for the Z6 compatibility as I'd like to get BackyardNikon for my imaging Do you have to wait for Nikon to send you a Camera or would a Z6 in your hands for a weekend solve the issues and get it running (I live near Ottawa)?
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