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    Frame & Focus

    Hello, I have been using BYEOS for sometime and am still have difficulty in using the "Frame & Focus" section. Problem is I cannot get an image on the computer screen or the LCD screen of the camera (EOS 70D). I have tried just about every camera setting to acquire an image, but with no luck. I have this issue if I'm using the camera/lens combination or the camera attached directly (prime focus) to the telescope. I end up taking numerous blind shots in order to see and image and in focus, and that is not working very well. Any and all help suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gerry Di
  2. Hello, I must apologize to all who responded to my question. The reason I could not find the answer in the user guide is because I was reading an old user guide from 2014 and it did not contain this information. I did finally read the correct manual (2016 version) and found the answer as you indicated. Thank you and I hope you understand. Gerry Di
  3. Thank you Admin. Sorry for the post as I have been reading the user guide and there is so much info in there i guess I missed it. Thanks again and have a pleasant day.
  4. Hello, I downloaded BYE trial version and ended up with two (2) program shortcuts on my desktop. One says BYE v3.1 and the other says BYE v3.1 (camera 2). When I open the programs they look exactly alike except the one that has (camera 2) in the header it is listed as Backyard EOS3.1.17 Trial Edition ::1502. I imagine that the camera 2 one should be used if you are using two different cameras, but I'd appreciate it if someone would clarify this for me. So far I'm doing okay using the software, but there is differently a learning curve, but I will get there with a little assistance from more experienced folks on this site. Thank you for your help. GerryDi
  5. Thank you Admin. I'm new to this software and it's great to know that I can post questions here and get such outstanding results with quick replays. Thank all.
  6. Thank you ASTRO man133. Good information I will give it a try and post the results.
  7. I am using Backyard EOS 3.1 Trial edition [OTL-BYE-T] and a Canon 70D camera. I have been getting familiar with using the software inside with my camera attached. I decided to take it outside and connect my telescope and camera to see how things work. Well I got a pop up message that "internet connection" is required with trial version and the program would not start. My questions is: "Is this just a condition that happens because I am using the trial version and this condition will not occur with the paid version"? There is no way for me to have internet access while outside, so I won't be able to try out the software and decide how well it works when I have both the camera and telescope attached. I don't want to purchase the software if I will need internet access for it to function. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gerry Di
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