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  1. Hi, I have a Hutech modified older Canon Rebel 300D. Do any of the earlier software versions let me use this camera?
  2. Thanks Guylain...I know you told me so but wondered if anyone else had tried this...
  3. Hi Everyone, First question: I have used BYE version 1.01.0 (I think..) for quite some time. Used it with my Hutech modified Canon 300D all the time. I was restricted to max 30s exposure, but as I use a Hyperstar on a C-11 that was just fine. I do have the Hap-Griffith cable but newer used it. Purchased the latest version of BackyardEOS two days ago, and first was not able to connect to my 300D at all. Then it did (most likely pilot error...) but does not display the image, but downloads it to the camera. Any suggestions? Ideas? Would love to get this fixe! Cheers, Mike
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