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  1. So I am downloading the latest version 3.1.16 from the download section and copying and pasting the Key and identifier from the My Purchases section and it still gives me an error and will not let me try the software. I am getting really ticked off and wasting a lot of time. I've tried 2 different computers. I really want to test this software because from what i am reading it is best suited for what i want to do but getting really frustrated because I cannot get started. I tried Nebulocity and that trial downloaded and worked just fine but don't like it. I want to try THIS software. Please help. Thank you
  2. hello, I have downloaded the trial version 3 times and it keeps giving me the error that I need an internet connection or the latest version of BYE. It's 1 minute old and I just downloaded so obviously I have in internet connection and it couldnt have been updated within the last 60 sec. Any suggestions? Thank you
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