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  1. Software version BYE 3.1.17 Prem. Ed. 1502 Camera Canon T6i I've been using BYE for several months and like the simple and intuitive interface. I was imaging at a dark site last night and was 128 frames in (lights and darks, two filters) and was attempting to recenter the target in the Imaging window. After making directional adjustments with the mount I would take snapshots and check for movement by comparing to the thumbnail of the previous preview image. The apparent movement abruptly stopped, despite hearing the mount motors as I made adjustments. I toggled back and forth be
  2. Guylain, I resolved the issue. Everytime I would connect the camera, the EOS Utility would launch. I would close this app out and then attempt to reconnect. Sometimes it would connect, other times the log would tell me EOS Utilities was running (even though it appeared to be closed down). In all cases, whenever I relaunched BYE, I would have to reenter the camera info and settings. I finally uninstalled EOS Utilities and BYE connects to the camera and saves the camera and settings without a hitch. Thanks for your support. Greg
  3. Guylain, Thanks for the follow up. I reinstalled, but haven't connected the camera yet. I fighting through the installation of an autoguider on an Atlas mount presently. Will let you know within a day or so. Thanks for the interest. Greg
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