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  1. Yes, I meant 16 inches and 24 inches. They are very short. I did a factory reset on my Nikon and it seems to be working now, most of the time. I'm getting random lockups when I go to take multiple images and the routine does not complete so I have to turn off the camera and start again.
  2. I'm using the cable that came with the camera, about 16" long with a USB extension about 24". I tried it without the extension, made no difference. I saw someone else had this problem with a Nikon 5100. I don't think he got it resolved either.
  3. Sorry, can't change the shutter time in BYN. Has no effect on the camera shutter speed. I can select a different shutter speed in BYN but it does not change the camera shutter speed. I selected "show camera drivers" in the Advanced menu. That just gives me the option of selecting what camera I want when I connect. I always chose Nikon D750, in the most recent "after 2016" list. That is the only one that will connect. The program seems very buggy. Acts differently at various times. Sometimes it will take an exposure and other times it just sits there with the Busy indicator going around in circles endlessly until I turn off the camera. Very disappointed.
  4. Version 2.09. How do I select a different driver? I have my camera set to M and bulb. Can't change the exposure time in BYN.
  5. I set my camera to M and Bulb but when I take an image, the shutter opens but then doesn't close no matter what setting I have in BYN. I can take exposures when I set the shutter speed to some other value other than BULB but then BYN can't control the camera shutter speed, only aperture and ISO. I've tried just about everything. Updated my firmware on Nikon, cleared the cache, tried just about every camera setting, manual focus, automatic, A mode, S mode P mode, Automatic. Still can't control shutter speed with BYN. Very frustrated. Most recent version of BYN 2-9-19 download date.
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