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  1. Thank you Ray for that much needed information! Jeff
  2. Hi! I'm thinking about downloading Astrotortilla for plate solving as I use Backyard EOS premium software to image. I currently have a Celestron AVX mount that can be controlled by Stellarium. The question that I have is, can Astrotortilla platesolve when I use Stellaruim to locate my targets or is ASCOM software needed to integrate everything? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thank you Guylain! I will follow your prompt and attempt a download. I'll let you know if I have any problems.
  4. This was my though process: I knew I already paid for version 3.1 and I had saved my site key in my documents file in my computer. I didn't want to have to purchase another version so I thought I could just use my previously purchased site key password on the free trial version. Could you explain to me how I could retrieve a permanent version using my old site key password? Thank you!
  5. I accidentally deleted my backyard eos program! I still have the site key however. I successfully downloaded a 30 day trial version but when I typed my site key in it did not recognize it. Help
  6. I'll give that a try and get back to you! Thanks
  7. BTW this "hanging on busy" issue I've been having only seems to occur in the imaging mode not the preview mode. It can occur at anytime during the exposure of the sub. Sometimes it occurs after the entire exposure has been taken and other times in occurs before the entire sub exposure has been completed.
  8. Guylain, this is Jeff Irwin. I have a Canon Eos Rebel camera and have had the same issues periodically myself. At times Backyard Eos will freeze during a sub exposure whether it be 1 min or longer. I have to shut the program down and restart it and re enter the data and can then finish the night's exposures. Doesn't happen every imaging session but enough to be annoying. Hoping I can find the answers on this forum. Thanks.
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