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  1. What am I looking for here?    I have two set ups, one goes like this,   ASI1600 on a NJP temma 2, in this case I use SGP and plate solve 2 and CDC.   I use CDC to get close then I hit plate solve button in SGP and it sysns CDC with the new coordinates from the plate solve.

    My second set up is a NEQ6 and I have the seriel to USB cord for it.    On that computer I also have BYN, CDC, and SGP ....with my Nikon D5500.     In BYN I dont see a button that plate solves using Plate solve 2.   I could just use SGP but its buggy with my Nikon and BYN really hasen't given me alot of problems.   I dont want to deal with AT so is there a procedure here?

    Is AT the only one that works with BYN?

  2. After months and months of flawless behavior with dual imaging of a D5300 and D5500 I found a problem.  Then imaging just with the D5500 last night I noticed a huge lag in the images downloading.  I took unnecessary SD card out to make sure that was not the issue since I was downloading to the computer.  Placed the usb from the hub to the computer itself. Started a new run and the same this happened. Stalled on downloading,  so while its stalled I opened the back of the camera and I notice the BOC screen blinking going on and off.   I unplug the USB cord from the camera and the blinking stops.  I mess with some settings in BYN, cant remember what,  I restart the computer and the camera and it behaves normally again.

    Then im dithering my images ok....and I see im in the middle of a sub exposure and I see the words  "calm down"   ...huh???    Then a different sub I see the word "dithering"....so I turned off dithering for the night and upgraded to 2.010.

    Log files attached



    Screenshot (158).jpg

    Screenshot (150).jpg

  3. 14 minutes ago, s3igell said:

    The D5300 and D5500 are different Generations of the same basic Sensor, as well as different versions of Firmware running on the Expeed4 Processor.

    It is quite possible that the Firmware initializes the Sensor in a slightly different "Upgraded" Mode, which could then bias the resulting Low-Light Long Exposures that serve for AP Imaging in a different fashion than for the much shorter Daytime Exposures.

    It is also quite possible, like Rick indicated above, that you are seeing the results of 2x different types of Replacement AR Window Glass.  And it is possible that one augments the other to produce your result.

    The seller of the D5500 camera said something very similar to me  and that the D5500 is newer and even though sensor is the same size that it's not completely the same sensor.   I'll basically need to try again , shoot better calibration frames for each camera and make certain the settings are the same. The two cameras were not shooting the same focal length 735mm vs 800mm... deep Sky Stacker doesn't do scaling so I need to shoot at the same focal length.  I don't process my own images because it's not my thing and I don't know how so I at least need to be able to stack images into something manageable for others to grab hold of and process for me.  Thanks for all the help guys.

  4. 57 minutes ago, astroman133 said:

    I would make sure that all the other settings are sync'ed between the cameras, before assuming that they were modded differently. I would also re-visit the web site where you had the mods done to see what their options for replacement glass are. I am pretty sure that clear glass is one option. There may be another option for refractors that cuts off UV and IR that is outside the visible range, but that the camera sensor could pick up, but may not be in focus.

    I did the drag and drop in BYN and basically the histogram is shoved about %25 more the right and the color signal is larger in the D5500.    Question:  does a menu option in the camera not specifically seen in the BYN control panel get applied to the photos from that camera?   I'll pull both cameras and make sure the settings are the same and then shoot custom white balances for my sky conditions as well.    


  5. 23 minutes ago, astroman133 said:

    When a DSLR is modified for AP, there is a choice of replacement glass.

    It is possible that the 2 cameras have different class in front of the sensor. Another possibility is that camera settings, like White Balance, are different and cause a different color cast.

    Awesome I'll try that, if the glasses are different will they still be able to be stacked together and Blended?   I guess that was my whole point of dual Imaging LOL

  6. I have a 2nd question while im at it.  Ive gotten some suspisions that there is a problem with my H-Alpha modded D5500.   I know 100% certain that my D5300 is H-Alpha moddified so why the difference in these two histograms?  Same sensor camera and such.   Settings the same in camera as far as I can tell.  Does this have something to do with white balance?   People who process my images dont complain about my D5300 however there is a strong red cast to the D5500.      

    Thanks for any advice on the 2nd question.  

    Screenshot (2).png

  7. On 4/2/2018 at 7:10 AM, admin said:

    Nikon uses what they call Module to communicate with the camera (that's the SDK).  Each camera uses a different modules and it appears to me to be a static singleton instance per module.  If 2 cameras using the same module are connected to the same PC then the second one seems to overtake the first one and then they get confused.  This observation is based on my own experience over the years.  Canon has a better implementation regarding multiple cameras because they don't have that singleton concept.

    I wanted to update my old post from March to say that I now have two modified Nikon cameras a D5500 and a D5300.  It was so seamless to connect them and then start dual Imaging! I barely knew what I was doing but the sub subs started flowing In.  So instead of getting one two three hours of data in a night I'm now getting 4 to 7 hours of data.  One part that confuses me is when I go to organize my Subs I have to do a better job of labeling things but that's the least of my concerns the program is Sublime.  Here are the telescopes before I added the cameras.  Thanks BYN!!


  8. I kid you not, I plug in both cameras and dedicated USBs, cameras are physically off at this point.  

    Start the shortcut to camera 1502 slave, turn camera on, take test image, no problem. Leave camera on.

    Start BYN normal, turn master camera on port 1499 is verified in 3rd party integration, connects fine,  take test image, the slave camera goes off again and times out or downloads.  

    But other than following guylians last set of instructions , how do I slave one camera to another? Or am I doing that by following his directions?  

  9. Just to be clear, I did not press dual camera at all, I did not make it that far due to the time out and the problem with both programs being on and connected with single test images triggering the same camera.  I did not want to move on to the step without getting this part figured out.

  10. Ok so I finally had time to deal with this but even following the above procedure the camera taking a test image times out if the other one is on and connected, its as if both programs are controlling the same camera, on the last try the test image did not time out and it did download which was unusual. Dual camera is not enabled or highlighted in either instance and master camera is not set to 1502 its set to 1499 and both boxes are checked in 3rd party integration.    I unchecked the two boxes and tried again after restarting the program but it does the same thing. Switched USB cords and same story. Again not using any SD cards and have tested camera individually.  Log files below after deleting all others.




  11. Ok so I both cameras and cables work independently and even vice versa. I kept one camera off at all times.  I open BYN regular and it works with both cameras, downloads the photo pretty fast.  But I only took one per Guylians instructions. I disconnect and turn that camera off. I then open the shortcut to the 1502 camera, accpt the firewalls stuff and that camera fires off and downloads fine.    

    I then switch the routine and use the camera that I used for the 1502 instance to the regular BYN instance and it fires off and downloads fine.  The 1502 camera works fine on the regular BYN instance also perfectly.   I assume you dont want the log files since there was no problem but I could be wrong.    Also, just FYI, I still have windows defender off, I have no other virus software, no SD cards in, Nikon cables.

    Next step?

    Good night !



  12. Ok so , yes. I first opened the camera 2 from the shortcut created from the instructions in BYN for dual camera which uses the port named 1502 and took one photo. It behaved normally. Download was quick and painless.   I press disconnect and close the program.   

    Then.........I open BYN like I normally do and connect (connecting the same camera that I left on and hooked up)    Please tell me if you want me to use the other camera instead for this.  Anyway, it takes a photo and it downloads just fine.   One thing I did was that I noticed the dual camera icon was lit up from the time I started BYN.  I unchecked the icon and then uncheck the active 1502 instance.  Was this ok?   It took the photo and it downloaded fine.  




  13. 6 hours ago, astroman133 said:

    It should.

    After both Camera1 and Camera2 are running, do they both show up in the Windows Task Manager? YES

    Have you connected both instances to their respective cameras?YES

    Without selecting Dual Camera, does the Camera 1 instance take pictures? What about the Camera 2 instance?YES

    Have you selected the Camera2 instance as a slave from the Camera1 instance, according to the User Guide instructions? I'M NOT CLEAR ON THIS , I DOUBLE CLICK BYN LIKE NORMAL AND THEN MINIMIZE THAT SCREEN AND OPEN THE DESKTOP SAVED SHORTCUT TO CAMERA 2 THAT HAS THE 1502 DESIGNATION PORT AND THEN PRESS CONNECT. 


  14. Ok Im still having problems, Ive reread the manual and your instructions.  Both cameras imaging sessions get cancelled when I hit capture.  Here are the log files.   I did not touch any setting in the 1502 camera and dual camera is not active. In my master camera 1499, in the dual camera icon is active , and 1502 is checked as active.   The program either crashes by telling me its stopped responding or both sessions get cancelled and Im back to the capture screens. 



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