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  1. What am I looking for here? I have two set ups, one goes like this, ASI1600 on a NJP temma 2, in this case I use SGP and plate solve 2 and CDC. I use CDC to get close then I hit plate solve button in SGP and it sysns CDC with the new coordinates from the plate solve. My second set up is a NEQ6 and I have the seriel to USB cord for it. On that computer I also have BYN, CDC, and SGP ....with my Nikon D5500. In BYN I dont see a button that plate solves using Plate solve 2. I could just use SGP but its buggy with my Nikon and BYN really hasen't given me alot of problems. I d
  2. After months and months of flawless behavior with dual imaging of a D5300 and D5500 I found a problem. Then imaging just with the D5500 last night I noticed a huge lag in the images downloading. I took unnecessary SD card out to make sure that was not the issue since I was downloading to the computer. Placed the usb from the hub to the computer itself. Started a new run and the same this happened. Stalled on downloading, so while its stalled I opened the back of the camera and I notice the BOC screen blinking going on and off. I unplug the USB cord from the camera and the blinking stops.
  3. How do I mark the question as answered? LOL.....how have I made it this far in this hobby?
  4. The function blink on display is unchecked in my advanced features dialog. At any rate, here's my dual imaging set up and 11 hrs from a red zone over three nights. Dual sv105Ts and D5300 and D5500. Halpha mods with IDAS filters. Full resolution horsehead neb. Dual imaging so much easier with BYN plus dithering!!!! Thanks BYN!
  5. The seller of the D5500 camera said something very similar to me and that the D5500 is newer and even though sensor is the same size that it's not completely the same sensor. I'll basically need to try again , shoot better calibration frames for each camera and make certain the settings are the same. The two cameras were not shooting the same focal length 735mm vs 800mm... deep Sky Stacker doesn't do scaling so I need to shoot at the same focal length. I don't process my own images because it's not my thing and I don't know how so I at least need to be able to stack images into something m
  6. I did the drag and drop in BYN and basically the histogram is shoved about %25 more the right and the color signal is larger in the D5500. Question: does a menu option in the camera not specifically seen in the BYN control panel get applied to the photos from that camera? I'll pull both cameras and make sure the settings are the same and then shoot custom white balances for my sky conditions as well.
  7. Awesome I'll try that, if the glasses are different will they still be able to be stacked together and Blended? I guess that was my whole point of dual Imaging LOL
  8. I just accidentally deleted the screenshot from the D5500 so I dont have anything to compare it to. Sorry. Basically the histgram on the D5500 shows (fatter) spikes in the colors and blue is visible.
  9. I have a 2nd question while im at it. Ive gotten some suspisions that there is a problem with my H-Alpha modded D5500. I know 100% certain that my D5300 is H-Alpha moddified so why the difference in these two histograms? Same sensor camera and such. Settings the same in camera as far as I can tell. Does this have something to do with white balance? People who process my images dont complain about my D5300 however there is a strong red cast to the D5500. Thanks for any advice on the 2nd question.
  10. Im trying to view my images with BYN without the camera connected. The photos are in my computer but how do I view them and the histogram data from when I was taking the photos. I essentially want to view them as I view them when they were taken. Im wanting to scroll through the photos checking how the histogram changes as the moon comes up. Thanks Abraham
  11. I wanted to update my old post from March to say that I now have two modified Nikon cameras a D5500 and a D5300. It was so seamless to connect them and then start dual Imaging! I barely knew what I was doing but the sub subs started flowing In. So instead of getting one two three hours of data in a night I'm now getting 4 to 7 hours of data. One part that confuses me is when I go to organize my Subs I have to do a better job of labeling things but that's the least of my concerns the program is Sublime. Here are the telescopes before I added the cameras. Thanks BYN!!
  12. Thanks.....I sell one camera that I bought used for what I paid , upgrade to a D5500 or D5600. Problem solved , at least that one!
  13. Then that's what I'll do, I'll check back with you when that happens and I might have my new laptop up and running by that time. Thanks for responding on a Sunday plus a holiday no less. Abraham
  14. Lol....yeah, I thought it would be easier that way. Am I selling one and getting a D5500? ...LOL.
  15. I'll have to retrace my steps to make sure I'm not missing something.
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