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  1. Hi astroman113, Can't you read ? . save to Camera: KO ==> this is not a typo : i can't save to camera's sdcard ! plan is cancelled (KO is not OK).... 路 save to PC: OK 路 save to PC+Camera: camera OK, PC not OK (picture is in download folder of BackyardTEMP folder). => For the first image and then plan is aborted i tried BYN 2.1.0 pre-release and of course, it's the same thing. I don't know how it could be resolved if devs don't work on it or even try to find a solution for that... Best regards, ouioui
  2. Hi Guylain, Any news about this problem with BYN saving images in sdcard's camera ? and for for temp folder? Best regards, Ouioui. Ps: i don't give up easily 馃榾
  3. I don't think that it's the causes of my problems with BYN...already done some tests when i openend the thread. Best regards, ouioui
  4. Hi astroman133, I never indicate that...sorry for this misunderstood ! 路 save to Camera: KO 路 save to PC: OK 路 save to PC+Camera: camera OK, PC not OK (picture is in download folder of BackyardTEMP folder). Best regards
  5. and what about saving pictures to sdcard ? have you try to find what's going on since i started my post in October 2019 ? Clear skies! ouioui
  6. i should note too...but it's not the case for this folder. Best regards, ouioui
  7. Hi astroman133, I already provide a log file (since october 2019). I thought it was due to sdk as it's always this answer i found there...But as i have no knowledge in computer, i apologize. Best regards, ouioui
  8. yeah, of course... And saving pictures of a plan, in buld mode is still the same : 路 save to Camera: KO 路 save to PC: OK 路 save to PC+Camera: camera OK, PC not OK (picture is in download folder of BackyardTEMP folder). Thanks for your hard work Guylain! Best regards, ouioui PS: Sorry again for the delay, cause i start a linux setup of a raspberry pi for imaging ...
  9. Maybe you try to save to camera's sd card in bulb mode? BYN don't allow to save to sd card. Have a look to my post as i have a D800 too : Cheers, ouioui
  10. Hello Guylain, Yeah, all others settings are saved. May be a problem with SDK ? Best regards, ouioui
  11. Hi Guylain, It's only in bulb mode in BYN that saving to card don't work...if you shoot to 30 sec max, BYN have no problem to save to card... 20 sec to download 10MP file as astroman133 said...try to imagine with 36,2MP for me with my FF D800 Cheers, ouioui
  12. hello, have a look to my post for that. Cheers
  13. Hello and sorry for the delay... With the last release 2.0.11, all what i said in my first post are still there...BYN TEMP folder don't change place even i change it in settings...probably due to nikon sdk too. did you try to use BYN with dslr with high resolution as the D800 ? Thanks again for your help and your hard work! Best regards, ouioui
  14. Hi s3igell, Thanks for explanation. Do you know why the official Nikon app which uses the sdk allow to save to SD card in bulb mode? And what do you mean by "the PC only tells..."? SDK or BYN ? how do BYN manage SDK exceptions? As first picture of plan is saved to camera SD card and plan is aborted after first shoot! I tried last week as the weather was not too bad...but I can't go to the end of my imaging session cause of the time passed to download to my laptop pictures (72 Mo by file)... So the only solution is to capture only 30 sec...I'm the only one which have this problem ? Best regards, ouioui
  15. Hi Guy, Interesting, but without success...plans until 30 sec are saving pictures to camera card. Plans in BULB mode are cancelled after the first picture saved in camera...could it be a problem with memory as raw pictures size are bigger? anyway, thanks for your help and your suggestions...as I really want to work with the D800 for astro... Best regards, ouioui
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