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  1. I installed, reinstalled and repaired the C++ packages required for BYN several times over - so I wouldn't have said so.
  2. Hey all, Thought I would share my fix for a fault I had the past two days. To set the scene: I installed a fresh copy of BYN Pro on a new laptop after it successfully worked on another laptop. However, I couldn't get a successful connection to the camera in BYN no matter what I tried. Both laptops are running Win10, used the same USB cable, the same camera and SD card - yet BYN refused to connect on the new laptop. After troubleshooting with reinstallations etc, I installed DigiCamControl. DigiCamControl failed to start due to the fact my version of Windows 10 didn't include any Windows Media features. After installing the feature pack from Microsoft, DigiCamControl started and connected to my camera straight away. I closed DigiCamControl and opened BYN, low and behold an instant connection to the camera. I am not sure whether DigiCamControl or the Windows Media Feature Pack was the solution here - but hope this can help anyone in a similar situation. PS - Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, it's my first posting here. Feel free to move it or ask questions.
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