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  1. Thanks both of you for the replies and explanation. I thought I was doing something wrong, or had some setting off.
  2. I doubt this problem is related to Backyard Nikon, but thought there might be some users here who could help. In my settings I have RAW + JPG saved. Recently after a night out I went to stack my images. Opened first in Sequator to get a quick image done, everything looked good. I then moved to DeepSkyStacker and see that all my RAW files are 16-bit Grey. Opening the NEF file directly from explorer shows it is in color. Back to DSS and any stacked image is essentially B&W. So I decided to do trial of Pixinsight, which also opens showing, well nothing. If I open File Formats > Edit Preferences and select "Pure Raw" I will essentially get a pure black image that if I auto stretch I can see the objects, put it is grey scale. I don't think this is a BYN issue, but do not know if this is a Nikon issue or Windows issue. I do have the NEF driver installed, and I do not remember updating the firmware on my d5300 since last December. Anyone else experienced similar issue that could share some insight?
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