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  1. Hi, I currently have and use Backyard Nikon. I am strongly leaning towards purchase of a Canon EOS Rebel SL2. When I do I was intending to the get a license for BYE as well. What I would like to know in advance is not whether they could both be installed on same laptop, but rather could they run at the same time? My intention is to modify the SL2 and use that for some DSO, but I can envision scenario where I would use my Nikon d5300 for more wide field shooting. In that event I may wish to run both applications at the same time.
  2. Funny, I have a similar problem and after extensive Googling came to the conclusion that the d5300 does not support simulated exposure & ISO. I actually came here today to ask, does anyone have or know of a Nikon that does do simulated exposure & ISO in live view? Frustrating because I watched a friend use a Bahtinov mask with his Canon & live view to focus, I think he did a much better job at it. My problem of late is I have had to use FWHM from within BYN, and while I have gotten the stars to the lowest values I could adjust the focus on, ultimately I just feel as if my stars are a tad out of focus (2nd reason I came here today, search topic on FWHM in Frame & Focus)
  3. Thanks both of you for the replies and explanation. I thought I was doing something wrong, or had some setting off.
  4. I doubt this problem is related to Backyard Nikon, but thought there might be some users here who could help. In my settings I have RAW + JPG saved. Recently after a night out I went to stack my images. Opened first in Sequator to get a quick image done, everything looked good. I then moved to DeepSkyStacker and see that all my RAW files are 16-bit Grey. Opening the NEF file directly from explorer shows it is in color. Back to DSS and any stacked image is essentially B&W. So I decided to do trial of Pixinsight, which also opens showing, well nothing. If I open File Formats > Edit Preferences and select "Pure Raw" I will essentially get a pure black image that if I auto stretch I can see the objects, put it is grey scale. I don't think this is a BYN issue, but do not know if this is a Nikon issue or Windows issue. I do have the NEF driver installed, and I do not remember updating the firmware on my d5300 since last December. Anyone else experienced similar issue that could share some insight?
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