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  1. I had the Microsoft C++ run-time library installed. I tried updating libraries, all software, drivers, clearing registry data, different USB cables, different USB ports, etc. The best I could determine is that when I initially plugged in the camera there was a pop-up for 'what to do with this device' that I likely selected incorrectly. I could not find an answer on how to clear that setting. I'm assuming it is in the registry somewhere but I could not get an answer from Nikon or anywhere else I tried. Wiping the laptop was definitely the brute force way to do this, but it worked and actual
  2. I had to completely wipe and re-install everything. After that it worked ok. Took me a long time to get to that point as I couldn't wipe the laptop right away. Regards, David
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure what exactly is going on. I just finished downloading and installing Nikon's own software and it doesn't see my Z6 either. The laptop I'm using is quite old so it is possible something is not up to date, I've got conflicting USB drivers, or software, etc. I'll keep digging, but at least I know it isn't a BackyardNikon problem. Thanks, David
  4. I have 2 cards, 1 CFEXPRESS card and another XQD card. I see a 'Z6' listed in explorer for both of them, which isn't the volume name on either. I took a couple snapshots on both just to be sure and I don't see any of those files or a DCIM folder, etc. If I navigate to that 'Z6' listing it is just blank. Regards, David
  5. It does show up in the Device Manager as a Portable Device. Regards, David
  6. Thanks for responding Rick. I'm using v2.1.2 premium edition. It is the Z6. I don't see it listed as an imaging device in the Device Manager. I do hear Windows make the USB connection sound when I plug it in. I don't get ay questions pop up when I plug it on. Regards, David
  7. I recently purchased a Nikon Z6 and have been trying to get it to connect to BackyardNikon. I downloaded the latest version, the SD card is empty, I tested the USB cable and the battery is at full power. I've tried about ever sequence I can think of to try to get it to connect, but it reports that it could not find my camera every time. Any ideas what's going on? I'm sure I'm missing something I just can't figure out what it is. Regards, David
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