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    If it's got a wire and a switch I'll try it.
  1. KevW

    USB hub

    This configuration works: Nikon D7000 (modified) Celestron AVX mount BYN 2.0.10 StarTech powered usb 3.0 hub Shoestringastronomy DSUB ASUS Laptop X540BA Windows 10 home- 64bit Version 1809 OS 17763.973 PHD2 SharpCap pro Everything plays nice...all perhipherals are recognized and working properly.
  2. KevW

    USB hub

    Thanks for the response....I hope people realize the valuable resource experienced users like yourself add to this type of forum...I certainly do. My D7000 is now 9yrs old and live view is starting to fail , but I will continue to use it until it dies. My dsusb cable from shoestring should be here next week , which is the final piece to my setup.(Which I've built up one piece at a time) I will report back on what combination is working for me to possibly assist anyone else with a d7000. Thanks again.
  3. KevW

    USB hub

    Okay....good deal. I was expecting a response like this a little earlier in the thread....but I'm okay with a refresher on usb hubs etc. Lots of clouds lately, so I'll get to work on re-creating the issue and providing the details. And to repeat...not a big deal if it doesn't work....the intent was not to bitch about this or that not working....simply a question. And when people keep telling me something won't work but it does , I'm obviously going to engage. Thanks for YOUR patience!
  4. KevW

    USB hub

    Okay....I get it. Apparently its going to be a lot easier for me to simply ignore the success I had with APT and the Nikon SDK through a hub....as you are. I really did come here with good intent and a simple question....please refer to my OP and subsequent responses.
  5. KevW

    USB hub

    I absolutely understand that astroman....makes perfect sense. I guess APT has worked around that limitation...the Nikon SDK was happy to play with a non-powered hub when APT was calling for the camera...it worked fine.Not a big deal though and my intent wasn't to pit APT against BYN....but once again, it's pretty obvious that BYN dosen't like to deal with a non-powered hub, the SDK from Nikon will...depending on the software. I want to and am using BYN...the frame/focus feature outshines anything APT has to offer.
  6. KevW

    USB hub

    Great info....thanks. The asi224 and D7000 both worked through a non-powered hub into SharpCap and APT respectively....no issues. PHD2 on the other hand, didn't like the 224 through that hub....and BYN didn't like the D7000 through the hub. It's pretty obvious that software deals with usb hubs differently. Maybe a powered hub would keep PHD2 happy. And I want to use BYN so I'll deal with the "Nikon thru a hub to BYN" issue.
  7. KevW

    USB hub

    Unfortunately my laptop has its three ports on one side. The connection issue doesn't really affect me right now as I only do frame/focus in BYN and then disconnect to use my intervelometer. Once I get the DSUSB hooked up I'll be capturing from BYN and will find out quickly if everything plays together...particularly 224-->PHD2 and D7000-->BYN. Thanks to the crappy weather we've had here, I've been able to set up in the garage and iron out most of the issues. Thanks again...great support here! Kevin
  8. KevW

    USB hub

    Thanks for the quick response guys! Kind of what I figured...the handset & DSUSB should work on a hub. And on the evenings when nothing seems to work I can always go back to live view on the camera and intervelometer (which is how I've done the majority of my imaging up until now) Only added the computer a few weeks ago for autoguiding, and figured I best get used to it before my trusty D7000 clicks out and I move to a dedicated CCD...or CMOS.
  9. KevW

    USB hub

    Got BYN up and running last night with my D7000. Love the frame/focus feature!! Waiting for my DSUSB cable to arrive but I'm realizing I'll soon run out of usb ports. Found out quickly that BYN doesn't like a hub...so I ran straight in and it worked no problem. The issue for me is the 'no hub' deal. PHD2 doesn't like to see my asi224 on a hub..took it off....BYN needs a port , so I'll only have one left (out of 3) DSUSB will need one and my handset one also. I'm hoping the DSUSB cable and the handset can run on a hub taken from my last free port on the computer. Any chance BYN will ever play nice with a hub or is it an issue that is likely to remain? Thanks in advance, Kevin W.
  10. Thanks guys! Not sure what happened but just went back and added it to my cart, it generated another activation code and that one worked. Just about to head out and hook up my d7000 to my avx mount and see if it sees BYN and Stellarium....
  11. Just created an account and downloaded backyardNikon...the activation code generated for me doesn't unlock the software. The window to enter the code says version 2.0.9 in 'my purchases' it says version 3.1......is that the problem?
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