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  1. Hi, This was my second attempt at capturing images with my T3i and Backyard EOS. My first attempt with the Sun was successful. Tonight I tried to capture images of Mars and Jupiter. I connected a T-Adapter to my camera and connected that directly to my SCT. No other optics besides the camera and the scope. When trying to focus I did not notice any detail in the white dot that I saw in the program. Then I went into planetary mode and captured 1000 movie frames set as ISO 100 and 5X mode. I had the camera set on "M". What did I end up with - nothing but a white circle :-( Nothing usable. Now it's pretty obvious to me that I overexposed the image. Can anyone please give me a suggestion on how to get this set up properly? Should I be using eyepiece projection instead? How can I darken the image so it's not overexposed in the planetary movie mode? This is all new to me, have been observing for years but never tried photography before. Many thanks - want to try to get Mars while I still can!
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