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  1. I'll give it a go, re-installing tomorrew evening , with a clearer head thanks again
  2. Hi rick, looks a bit like mine ( above ) as you know by now I'm no IT guru 😁 I'm a few hours ahead here in Ireland so leave it for this evening, thanks for looking at this for me
  3. No ... restart didn't help. bye the way , the only setting I'm changing is in general tab, of white to pale green as a test. Even though mirror lock settings revert as well.. regards
  4. like this ? tried it several times, but every time I close BYE , it reverts back ? going to try restart of laptop as well now !
  5. Tried the above ( I think 🙄 ), but no success. The rest of info in that link you provided went over my head. Its not a big deal to me at the moment, so I'll revisit it at a latter date. maybe the next update will resolve it. I'm not on this forum often, so like to say the user interface of BYE is excellent, and well done to all involved, thanks.
  6. I have BYE premium, I've recently upgraded my pc and noticed that when I change any settings they don't save, ie: when I start up BYE again all the settings go back to default. ? I've pressed apply and save ? Same result. Is there something I'm missing here ? Thanks
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