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  1. Whilst possible, that seems a rather remote possibility i think - I have made sure that I am running a "high performance" power plan that prevents the PC going to sleep and have disabled the USB selective suspend, both in the power plan and the device driver, as well as the wi-fi card. Furthermore, at times I am running SGPro in parallel with a cooled camera, and have never experienced any issues. The most frequent error message is the "Enum of type kNkMAIDArrayType_Boolean cannot be parsed. Not implemented". Would this provide a clue? It was also mentioned above that "...there may b
  2. I just check the MirrorLock and Mirror Lock Delay. They are both set to zero. Not sure why BYN would try to change it to 2? it is currently - 5 C, so I would rule out the camera overheating. Also I shoot continuously 300s exposures so inactivity does not sound likely either. /ralf
  3. Thanks for the tip with the Mirror Lock - I will set that to 0. Yes, it is very sporadic, sometimes it stops after 5 images, sometimes it runs for 30+ images. There seems to be no pattern. Also, I run the camera from aregulated power supply (Eagle3), so that probably rules that out as well. /Ralf
  4. logfile-[20210109-19h27m18s789]-[5740]-2021-01-09.txtI use BYN 2.1.1 Premium edition with a Nikon D7200 and WO Redcat 51 scope, connected directly to a Primaluce Eagle3 running Window10. I get a sporadic "image session cancelled" error, with the following log two types of log entry (corresponding log files attached): 1. type of error --------- 17:12:36 Nikon/D7200 drivers initialized. 17:12:39 D7200 CONNECTED! ... 18:09:10 DARK_300s_800iso_20210109-18h04m00s164ms.NEF 18:14:08 Imaging session cancelled 18:14:08 Make sure camera is set to MANUAL, turn dial to 'M'
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