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  1. OK, I now understand that the validation error was specific to the expired trial license key , and not my identifier. I did the copy/paste thing and EOS has loaded properly. I now have another error which I will post separately. You have solved my problem. Thanks. Gerald
  2. OK, I used a trial license because I couldn't find my purchase license. I have now found it. But now , I don't know how to get the software to operate. My "identifier" still has the "invalid" error message. I was only going to use my laptop on 2 weeks of holidays. Boy, this is complicated. (and it's probably on me}
  3. I simply put in my name as the identifier. The screen shows the 30 digit license code, and the identifier should be my name.(I hope) When I put my name in, (and ask to validate) I get " license validation error. This trial has expired". I was thinking is I put in a wrong Identifer (by accident) for the download trial , but your reply suggests that I can't do that.
  4. If I put a different identifier for the trial version by accident , from my account, would this then create the error message? and if this is possible, how do I reset back to my account identifier? My identifer is just my name . Nothing complicated. G.
  5. I installed a trial version of Backyard EOS on a new laptop. The trial expired . I have decided to install a permanent license but when prompted , it says my identifier is invalid. I have already purchased EOS premium and I can log into my account , no problem. There is no option to allow me my valid license key. Any suggestions?
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