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  1. I don’t believe so. It uses libraw to decode them first. At least that’s what I see it do each time I open a cr2 file.
  2. As you say PI doesn't have any problem working with cr2 files, however, as i said previously, they must first be decoded with libraw (previously dcraw). PI doesn't have to do this with images that are already in other formats such as fits or xisf. This decoding with libraw takes some extra time, if the image was already in fits it wouldn't have to be done and would speed things up a bit. That's my primary reason to ask if saving in fits (or xisf) was being considered. Also, the additional astronomical header data (that i described earlier too) that's recorded would be useful too. That's how it would be helpful to me. Either way, whether it's being considered or not, no biggie. It's just a question.
  3. I create separate folders for each date I image, sub folders that include target and some others. There are 4 options in the settings menu for sub folders but none really fit with how I'd like to save my data. I'm pretty sure a button could be created (perhaps in the image capture planning area) that would be small and unobtrusive that simply opened up a save to folder window. It just would eliminate having to open the settings window separately before changing the download to folder. That's how it would help my workflow.
  4. Ok thank you, put in one vote for that request!
  5. Thanks for the detailed response. I believe, but not positive, that pixinsight released the xisf as "open format" in the hopes that it would replace fits as the new AP imaging format, not really material though. I do have the premium edition and see the option to create tiff and have not tried it yet. I was under the impression that a tiff header did not record the ascom stuff like coordinates, focuser position, filter, …. I'm primarily interested in capturing that data too. That's why I was curious if he was thinking of adding the ability to save in fits. If it's already there in tiff then, Great! I use a couple of different imaging programs depending on what I'm trying to accomplish and a different one does let me save my DSLR images as either RAW or FITS. As far as taking additional time at the end of an exposure to download, it doesn't really seem like there's much difference. The fits does take slightly longer but they're also much bigger (I thought primarily due to the amount of data that was being saved in the fits header compared to the exif header). Wasn't aware that libraw or some other tool (ie: dcraw …) was being invoked to save in format other than RAW. In any event, like I said earlier, just curious if he's considering adding this feature in the future.
  6. Thank you, really appreciate your quick response! I'll just test it out. There's a batch conversion script within pixinsight that I was planning on using. I use pixinsight for most of my image processing and with raw files from a dslr it first has to decode them with a tool called "libraw". This just slows the process down a little bit. It doesn't have to do that with fits or xisf files, so it makes it faster. You probably already knew all that, but just in case, that's the primary reason I was wondering if you were considering implementing the ability to save as fits or xisf.
  7. I do see that, thanks. But was more looking at a way to change the download directory from maybe somewhere in the capture plan area without going back to the settings menu to change it.
  8. Thanks, I did have that enabled. Two questions: Do you know if that data would be written to a fits header if I convert from cr2 to fit? and does the exif header include any other connected ascom device info like the mount, focuser, or filter wheel?
  9. thanks for the quick response, I have the premium edition and just downloaded 3.1.17 but still don't see anywhere to select the save directory from the main window. I see the save to drop down menu in the capture plan area but that just lets me select pc, camera, or both. That was on .16 too. I must be blind, where is it?
  10. Also, any chance on a button on the main window to access the save directory? Instead of having to go through the settings sub menu. What's the timeline for next release of BYEOS?
  11. Any chance on adding the ability to save images in some other formats? like fits or xisf to include all the fits header info (with connected devices: ie mount, focuser, and fliter wheel)
  12. That’s what I figured, thx. As long as no interconnection is required it’s no biggie.
  13. It didn’t display the fingerprint error and opened normally. Scott
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