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  1. That would probably be a better idea alright Rick
  2. That would make sense. Was a bit frustrating that the values stuck after the first connection. Would it be an idea to have them refresh upon subsequent connections? I spotted my initial mistake with the camera but could not figure out how to resolve the problem in BYE. Love this software and am quite excited about Backyard Nikon as I'm a Nikon shooter primarily. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this, it makes this hobby more accessible and fun. I'll be trying BYN with my D3. I'll let you know how that goes. Have already had some success with a D90. ...Update (next day) Tried it and it won't connect to my D3. I know this isn't supported yet so it's probably not a big surprise
  3. Problem solved, thanks Guylain. Figured it was something like that. When I first connected my 40D I had it set to Program mode. Would that have caused the problem?
  4. This is a weird problem I'm having. My shutter menu is not showing all the shutter speeds available and only showing a limited menu of... Bulb AV-Flat Program 6" 1-640 1-750 1-800 Why would this be? I have a Canon 40D, in manual mode attached via a short USB cable. This has only happened since I installed BYE on my MacBook Pro running Win7 Pro (x86) in Bootcamp. I reconnected the 40D to my old PC laptop, installed BYE 3.03 and it worked fine. I've also installed it on Win7 running in a Parallels virtual machine on the same MBP and it worked fine. I only intend to use it on the Bootcamp version. It possibly a setting I'm missing but I have looked and compared with other installs and can find nothing. I have re-installed BYE to no avail. Any ideas?
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