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  1. I’ve just updated BYEOS from my old version 3.1.16 to the latest version 3.2.2 I noticed the new version doesn’t replace the old version on the desktop so now have 2 versions showing ( old and latest ) Can I just delete the old version 3.1.16 in the computers program files and on the desktop or will it affect the new versions platform Await your advice thanks
  2. Thanks All for your assistance I just solved my own problem, closed BYEOS, restarted my laptop , unplugged and replugged camera USB cable from laptop ,opened BYEOS again , connected camera and screen now has the Histogram Centre All OK now ! Should have tried this in the first place When in doubt, reboot , disconnect, reconnect
  3. Photo of screen attached I am using BYEOS version 3.1.16 Classic Camera is a Canon 600 D I always save image to PC only I have not selected skip read EXIF data Screen has no histogram centre whether you choose netbook resolution or not I’ve been using the same laptop and screen arrangement for 3 years now , first time this has happened I’ve close my other apps , then closed BYEOS then reopened BYEOS in full screen , still no histogram centre , only progress centre any ideas ?
  4. First night of imaging after 2 months due to the fires in Australia , set my capture plan and when the Ist image was displayed there is no histogram shown on the right hand side ( you can only view histogram by pressing the icon button ) This has never happened to me before after using BYEOS Classic for 3 years Any ideas how to restore the histogram In the image centre I closed and re opened BYEOS still no histogram Thanks in advance
  5. Yes I had read debunking dithering a while ago thanks
  6. Thanks astroman 133 My Dither scale is set to 1 in PHD2 and Dither is set to random , I have tried Spiral as well with no improvement in guiding recovery I will try an increased Dither settle of 0.35 and see if my guiding recovers a bit sooner thankyou
  7. I have tried the default settings in BYEOS with PHD2 guiding and my guiding takes a long time to recover from a dither anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes and sometimes it never recovers back to the guiding prior to the dither Should I increase Dither settle value from 0.25 to 0.3 or 0.35 ?? My dither Aggressiveness is 2 which is low and calm down 20 seconds which is an arbitrary value considering the time for guiding recovery My guiding total rms is usually around 0.85 to 1.50 on most nights of average seeing which allows me to take up to 3 to 5 minute subs before stars start to elongate
  8. Hi I have BYEOS classic edition ( purchased back in August last year ) and wanted to know if it has the option to Dither ? If so, how do I access this option and run dithering during my image capture plan Any recommended settings I have an Orion 50mm mini guide scope , ZWO AS120 MM guide camera and guide with PHD2 My main image OTA is a 6” f6 newt on a HEQ5 Pro mount running EQMOD , Ascom guiding etc.... Thanks in advance Cheers
  9. I noticed just in the last few weeks that when I connect my canon 600D to my laptop with BYEOS open , then switch camera on camera , the import window appears with all my image data. I then have to close this window to clear the screen and then connect camera to BYEOS. It's just annoying and happens each time Any ideas how I can disable this function or is it an auto function of the camera or a Windows 10 home issue ?? It never happened a month ago Thanks and await your advice
  10. When you press the Preview button (1) is the 1st image of your capture plan displayed on the screen only or is it displayed and saved as a jpeg to your PC ?? I would assume the logic is if it’s previewed then you may not want to Save it ? thanks and await your reply
  11. Hi Support , I recently purchased BYEOS classic edition and have successfully connected to my Canon 600D. I have taken a few images on both the capture planand and preview and they were saved on my laptop automatically in a folder called BYEOS I noticed on my screen in the capture plan centre on imaging mode at the bottom there are no buttons labelled load, save,save as, and reset please advise if these have been omitted from this version or maybe there is an issue with loading the software as the Manual, and YouTube clips show these buttons and features if they have be
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