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  1. The LCD on my D7100 is 640x480. I'm not sure what resolution the live view image provided via the USB is but BYN doesn't give an image any bigger than 640x480 from what I recall. The onboard video is from a 16:9 crop scaled down to 1920x1080. I agree that neither approach is optimal. The onboard video capture gives a higher resolution (handy if you don't own a 5x Barlow) but the downside is the compression, not to mention converting and cropping the video so that AS!2 etc will eat it without choking. I'm tempted to move the the 'dark side' and get a modded Canon for astro . Although both Canon and Nikon do equally horrendous stuff to their 'raw' images in terms of astrophotography use, Canon still seems to have the edge. (I'd also feel less guilty about having a Canon surgically adjusted )
  2. Yes, you can use a Barlow to scale up the image to cover the sensor, the problem is that the camera is then doing a rough and ready re-size of your nice 6000x4000 (D7100) data down to 640x480 for the live view image (possibly less in the BYN capture?). If you capture video on the camera itself it's only scaled to 1980x1080 (D7100) but unhelpfully is compressed. In a perfect world you want the full 1:1 live view image from camera (basically reeling off multiple shots with the shutter open and the mirror up) but USB bandwidth would be a big issue there even if the SDK did allow it. The compromise is to be able to do it for a very small portion of the image - which Canon sort-of allow with the 5x zoom but Nikon don't.
  3. Perhaps we all need to start harassing Nikon until they put more features in their SDK Until there's something approaching 1:1 in Planetary it isn't particularly useful.
  4. Hi Guylain, After some further investigation I have found that you are indeed absolutely correct in that you have to pause live view in order to make changes to the exposure in frame and focus . The one caveat to this is that on the D7100 it only works (in mine anyway) if the live view switch is set to 'video'. With the switch left in the usual 'still' position the camera seems to ignore BYN and attempts to auto-expose. This seems to replicate what happens on the D7100 anyway - I.e. you only see the actual expose in the LCD when in 'video' mode. Ignore what I said previously about BYN not working with the camera in video mode, can't replicate that at all any more I suspect that the SDK doesn't have an option to force the D7100 into video mode but at least I now know what to do. Rich.
  5. Hi, I used Beta 02h today for a bit of white light solar imaging with my D7100. All was fine imaging-wise but focusing was a major headache. In the end I resorted to using the camera's LCD screen instead. The problem was that (unless I've missed something ) there doesn't seem to be any means of altering the shutter or ISO in the actual live view (frame and focus or planetary). With stars this isn't an issue but with the Sun it makes it near-impossible (in my case anyway) to focus as you can't really see any detail such as sun spots. On the camera itself you have to switch to video mode for the shutter speed to affect the live view display but it does allow you to dial down the expose enough to be able to focus. However, as I've found out before, if the D7100's live view switch is left in video mode BYN shows completely blank (black) live view. I obviously turned off the 'Maximum Sensitivity' option. This allowed me to override the ISO and shutter but had no effect on the live view image. This is much the same as on the camera itself when LV is in 'camera' mode rather than 'video'. Also managed to completely lock up BYN a couple of times when changing the ISO with LV active (an API issue I suspect). On the subject of video, it would be nice if the BYN planetary capture could do more than 640x424 (unless I've missed another setting ). The D7100 itself captures video quite nicely at 1920x1080 giving loads of scope for cropping. What would be good for planetary would be to be able to capture a stream of frames with the mirror locked up perhaps cropped from the full 6000x4000 res - wishful thinking I suspect . Apart from these minor grumbles however it's an excellent product and i'm looking forward to purchasing the final version. Rich Bamford.
  6. Just installed 02b and when it ran up it reported that the license was due to expire in 2 days. What seemed to have happened was that it had replaced the previous build rather than being side-by-side (probably overwritten the registry entries for the install?) and was picking up the previous license. Previous install was no longer listed anywhere but all files were still present. Seemed to sort itself out after a reinstall Win7 64bit
  7. I will post BETA02 Sunday or Monday with an extended license. No worries, I will not let anyone run out of time Thank you for helping, you'll all get a better product as a result. Regards, I was just about to ask the very same question Never saw the need until I got BYN, now I'm hooked
  8. If it helps (assuming you haven't already addressed it) I've come across this issue quite a few times when developing my own software. It's invariably because the app explicitly targets 32bit (as opposed to 'AnyCPU') or uses 32bit dlls etc. and is being run on a 64bit version of Windows. In which case it looks from resources (E.g. MSVCP100) in the SysWOW64 directory rather than System32 I think. Problem is either the files aren't there (perhaps failed to install or went into wrong folder) or security such as UAC is preventing access. If the file is there then turning off UAC and/or running app as Administrator may 'fix' it. If it's not there then that's a different issue... 01c installs fine on my 64bit Win7 machine but I have full admin rights and UAC off (and being a developer most of the standard MS dlls installed) Hope this is of some help, Rich.
  9. Thanks for the tip. At first I thought it wasn't creating the avi's then noticed a number in the bottom right 'camera information center' frame which has 'Suspended: Image(s) in queue waiting for processin' tooltip (most text in textblocks seems truncated on my machine - suspect it's a font issue). Seems to dequeue them every five mins when left alone. Another nice feature would be to save the camera settings and restore them on disconnect - for lazy people like me
  10. Beta 01c, Nikon D7100, USB, Win7 64bit I've noted that if I power off camera without disconnecting app first it won't connect again unless I restart the app (just says attempting to connect and does nothing). Had another play with planetary mode... Don't know if the shutter, aperture and ISO in the plan settings are supposed to work yet but don't seem to affect the capture. Always does 640x424 at 30fps for me and exposure seems automatic. Also appears to take about 5mins for a queued 20 frame capture to download - shows suspended so guess it waiting on something. Don't know if the 5x zoom is supposed to be there yet, but it isn't on mine. Would be nice to be able to crop VGA avi from part of D7100's 6000x4000 frame rather than grabbing entire frame at VGA res
  11. Just given it a quick run through with my D7100 and it works like a dream Now seems to connect properly every time, imaging worked perfectly and as if things couldn't get any better, bulb over USB works! Quality piece of coding
  12. Hi, just had a quick go with my D7100 and Win7 64bit laptop. Got a lot of 'camera not found' but eventually got it to connect. Couldn't get imaging session to work though. Got it to do a preview once and download the image. Mostly just timing out trying to download 1st image and then have to reset to clear the problem. 12:18:08 Licensed to Beta Tester (support@binaryrivers.com) 12:18:09 Nikon drivers initialized. 12:18:12 Attempting to connect camera... 12:18:13 D7100 CONNECTED! 12:19:22 Plan 'TESTPLAN1.txt' saved. 12:19:25 Imaging session started. 12:21:28 Imaging session cancelled 12:21:28 Image download timeout, process terminated after 119 seconds 12:21:28 Imaging session cancelled 12:21:28 Unable to set ImageQuality, current setting is assumed! 12:23:16 Imaging session started. 12:23:16 Imaging session cancelled 12:23:16 (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) => kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds 12:23:17 Imaging session cancelled 12:24:04 Imaging session started. 12:24:04 Imaging session cancelled 12:24:04 (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) => kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds 12:24:05 Imaging session cancelled 12:24:08 Imaging session started. 12:24:08 Imaging session cancelled 12:24:08 (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) => kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds 12:24:09 Imaging session cancelled 12:33:01 Camera SHUTDOWN! 12:33:08 Attempting to connect camera... 12:34:19 Attempting to connect camera... 12:34:24 Attempting to connect camera... 12:34:25 Attempting to connect camera... 12:34:38 Attempting to connect camera...
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