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  1. FOUND IT Cable support not set to DSUSB. Many thanks - excellent support appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll try to respond to your suggestions. I believe both Sequence Generator Pro and BYN use the same cabling. When this was working I would simply switch apps - no cable change. SGP also mentions Shoestring requirement. Where do I select a cable in BYN - have not done this for either install? Mirror lock set to 0 - have never modified. Same BYN version both laptops: 2.09 Edition::1499 Select D7000 - same version for both. Have tried both. What is cable support option? If force serial under advanced settings - it is off in both installs. DSUSBCheck is functioning. Can Assert / Open and Deassert / Close. I have looked closely at both laptop installations and they appear to be identically configured. I can switch the USB between laptops and have BYN success on one one but failure on the other so I don't understand how this is a camera setting. Further suggestions? Again thanks.
  3. Hello - Have been using BYN for a number of months. Installed on 2 laptops. Recently disconnected / reconnected my DSUB and now message: "Your camera requires a configured serial cable for BULB or Mirror Lock." is appearing. BYN is working properly on my older laptop - it no longer works on my new one. I also use SGP (signal Generator Pro) on my new laptop and it controls the Bulb function properly. So I believe have ruled out any hardware / USB / camera problems. Since this was working correctly I thought I would deinstall / reinstall BYN. Windows 10 says it has done this, however reinstalling keeps any previous registration info and BYN settings so I know the deinstall is not truly successful. My preference is to get BYN working, else to know how to do a full and fresh BYN install. Any help would be appreciated.
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