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  1. Thank you very much for the swift reply!! Yes, this happens when I turned off the camera from the switch and then everything stops! I totally understand now why this happens... I need to change my workflow and make sure I disconnect the camera from BYE before shutting her down. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I have sent the log as requested!
  3. Hello, I have noticed that BYE 3.1 is crashing (white screen and unresponsive) when the camera physically disconnects (ie. low battery, camera turned off from button or cable gets disconnected) while it is still connected on BYE. It seems that BYE is not handling the camera disconnection gracefully... I have been down this road quite a few times as I have BYE running and then when I finish my photography session, I shutdown the camera without disconnecting it from BYE as I still want to review photos etc through BYE but at that point it is too late as BYE has already cras
  4. If I maximize it in normal mode and switch into tablet mode, the Windows Tablet start screen appears (attached photo) which puts BYE completely in the background.
  5. @astroman133 @s3igell Thank you very much for your help and support on this matter. I have managed to resolve this! On a Windows tablet, you can swipe from left to right and it will show you all the current open windows. Backyard EOS was there so when clicked on it, it open just fine and I was able to work with it as normal. I guess it will make more sense for me to re-word this suggestion and say:
  6. Sorry, that was a bad way of putting it... What I meant by that is that the app it still running and active but when windows 10 switch to tablet mode, the app is thrown in the background by Windows 10 tablet interface and you can't bring it forward...
  7. I have a Sony VAIO Ultrabook Duo (SVD1321M2EB) running Windows 10. When I fold the keyboard, windows automatically changes to tablet mode. When BYE is running in normal desktop mode and Windows changes to tablet layout, the application is nowhere to be found... It seems like it is not running. It would be nice to have BYE running even in tablet mode as when on the field, I use the Ultrabook more like a tablet than a laptop as it is more convenient and smaller in size. Regards, Thanasis
  8. That was it! Thank you very much!!! I had selected the maximum stability option which automatically selects skip READ/WRITE Exif data... Thank you, issue resolved!
  9. Hello, I just downloaded a trial of this awesome app after I saw the 2 hour long presentation! I have connected my Canon 100D-SL1 camera and I noticed, that when I take a photo, in the Camera Information Centre, it does not show the sensor temperature... I checked in the EXIF Data and the temperature value is there! I have attached a screenshot showing that. Any ideas on why it happens?
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